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16 Apr 2018

Questions about Repiercing Nipples

I received a consultation request from a woman who'd worn nipple piercings that had been removed years prior.
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18 Feb 2010

"What Parents Need to Know"

That's the title of an article I was interviewed for that provides important information for parents about piercings their teens might ge
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16 Feb 2010

Elayne Angel Lectures at Yale!

This past week I had the honor of visiting Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut to provide a lecture on Erotic Piercings for their
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9 Feb 2010

New Website Design

It's finally here! The long-awaited website redesign that I've been dreaming about for so long.
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7 Feb 2010

Surface Anchor Trouble

I got this message from a Facebook friend:
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6 Feb 2010

VCH Piercings and More

I received this message from a Facebook fri
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6 Feb 2010

Best of the Guestbook

The design for my website
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