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6 Nov 2013

Help For Piercing Problems (and more)

You probably wouldn't even believe how many messages I get on a daily basis from people who have questions and concerns about pierc
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20 Jun 2013

Navel Piercing Problems: "Granuloma" or "Hypergranulation Tissue"?

I received a message from a woman who has an unhealed navel piercing that is showing signs of developing granuloma:
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19 Jun 2013

Wheelchair User and Genital Piercings

I received a message from a wheelchair user who is considering genital piercing:
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16 Jun 2013

Female Nipple Piercing Placement on Small Anatomy

 I received a message from a woman who had questions about nipple piercing placement on small anatomy:
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13 Jun 2013

Frenum Healing Problems

I received a message from a man who was experiencing healing problems with a new frenum piercing:Dear Elayne,
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