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3 Apr 2013

Problems with Stretching Earlobe Piercings ("Gauging")

 I received a message from a piercee who had questions about earlobe stretching:Hi Elayne, 
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1 Apr 2013

Anatomy Consultation - For VCH, HCH, And/Or Triangle (Female Genital) Piercings

I recently performed an anatomy consultation for a couple to help them discover which genital piercing the woman would be best suited for
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30 Mar 2013

Exercise, Sex After VCH (Vertical Clitoral Hood) Piercing

 I received a message from a woman who had questions about exercise and sex after a VCH piercing:
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28 Mar 2013

Apprentice Advice "Ring Jewelry In Ampallang"

I received a message from an apprentice piercer asking about jewelry for an ampallang piercing:
Hello Ms.
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26 Mar 2013

Paralyzed Woman Interested in VCH Piercing

 I received a message from a woman who was considering a VCH piercing:Hi Elayne,
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