6 May 2013


I received this message from a woman concerned about discharge and crusting from her nipple (areola) piercing:

Hi Elayne, I had contacted you a little while ago regarding my nipple piercings. Its taken me a bit to remember too get photos/get decent ones.

To remind you, I have had my nipples pierced since I was 18, so going on 4 years. They are in areola (as shown in the first picture) not nipple. they get crusty just about everyday if I'm lucky its only every couple days, and when moved/lightly pinched to clean the crust off and avoid it going back into the piercing in the process a whiteish creamy liquid comes out. (Shown as best as I could manage in the second picture)

Other possibly pertinent info, I have never had children or been pregnant so the chances of it being a breast milk like substance is very low, especially considering its not even in nipple. My jewelry is and has always been stainless surgical steel. I do not change it ever, I clean it every shower. Do not wear acrylic balls. My gynecologist had been consulted because she had areloa piercing, she said its normal that it happened to her for ten years. Only stopping when she took them out after having children.

I think that's it, I hope it helps...and I mean I have no pain or irritation. It only mildly smells like plugs do once in a blue moon if its really oozing so it makes me think its normal? Please help! End my 4 year span of thinking I'm crazy haha

And also thank you so very much for being willing to help.

Nipple (aureola) piercing with curved bar jewelry.

Nipple (aureola) piercing dishcarge

My response:

I see that you're wearing a curved bar, and that it looks too short! That could definitely cause problems.

I'd strongly suggest you get in properly fitting straight barbells of high quality so there is no constriction on the tissue at the entrance and exit (as you have now, which I can clearly see).

The jewelry should be internally threaded with a mirror finish (see attachments). I really think you need to change to properly fitting quality jewelry for your piercing to heal properly.

Internal vs external threadinginternal vs externally threaded jewelryInternal Close-Up high quality internally threaded barbell.

After you get in properly fitted jewelry, I'd suggest a regimen of 2-3x daily saline soaks. Sometimes that will kick it over into "healed".

Saline soaks may help to facilitate healing and minimize secretion, but you must do them correctly: http://piercingbible.com/saline-soaks

And also emu oil can be extremely helpful with healing and diminishing secretions (if you don't object to using an animal product): http://piercingbible.com/emu-oil

I can't help but want to point out where the piercing should have been placed (see the black arrows marked on your photo). 

Nipple (aureola) piercing with better placement marked.


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