8 May 2013


I received a message from an uncircumcised man asking for a piercing evaluation for a Prince Albert (PA) piercing:


I got a PA done just over a week ago, and I'm a bit concerned about the positioning. I'm can't see any sign of migration (yet?), but I'm not sure there's enough flesh holding it, and while I don't plan to stretch to jumbo sizes I do want to go up to at least an 8g. I'm uncircumcised, which adds the additional complication of positioning it with my foreskin, so I'm not sure if it could have gone further back or if I'm just unsuited to this piercing. If unsuited, would an apadravya (either converting the PA or healing and getting it done new) be an option, or would you recommend a reverse PA?


Prince Albert piercing on uncircumcised penis.

Prince Albert piercing on uncircumcised penis.

Prince Albert piercing on uncircumcised penis with ruler to indicate depth.

My response:

Without being able to manipulate your tissue (see your foreskin in it's "resting" position and also pull the foreskin back) it is hard for me to evaluate whether there is a suitable PA placement option for you that is further away from the lower edge of your urethra.

As it is now, however, it does appear that there is not a reasonable amount of skin between the piercing and your urethra for supporting 8 ga jewelry.

If you'll note in the photo I have marked, the arrow represents the edge of your urethra, so the piercing only extends from where that ball is showing at the site of the piercing to the arrow.

In this image, where the underside of your penis is facing up, your jewelry is resting further away from the piercing (in your urinary meatus--urethral opening) but the piercing is really "shallower" than that.

Prince Albert piercing on uncircumcised penis, depth indicated.

The issue for safety with an apadravya would be whether a barbell that fits your largest erect measurement would also fit comfortably within your foreskin.

This blog post on my site is about that concept (though discusses an ampallang, and shows a PA):


If you feel jewelry would not be an issue, then I think it should be possible to expand your PA into an apadravya (assuming you won't be wearing separate jewelry in the PA portion of the piercing.

If, upon close inspection, you think the PA could have gone further back without interfering with your foreskin, then you could consider having the PA redone, or starting an apadravya at a new location.

The thing you need to figure out is if you want a hole where the PA is now, as once fully healed, they tend to be permanent (unlike many other body piercings).

Let me know if you have other questions.



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