2 Aug 2012

I receieved a message from a woman who got a VCH piercing but she was concerned about the placement:

VCH Piercing, appears somewhat shallowHi Elayne,
I just got my vch pierced two weeks ago...I'm afraid its too shallow and I can see the bar a little thru the skin. The piercer did use a receiving tube and said she used as much skin as possible ..and even performed the q tip test. In your opinion,  should I take it out or is it ok.

If it is shallow do I have to take it out or is this something that I can manage? Will it migrate easier like it is?

Thanks, S.

My reply:

From this view it looks rather shallow/close to the edge of your hood. But if it is placed at the apex (deepest point underneath) then it wouldn't necessarily be able to be done much further from the edge. Then there's the question of whether you were actually a suitable candidate to begin with.

The "shallowness" of a VCH piercing relates to how close it is to the edge of your hood. Assuming the piercing penetrates through your hood the way it is supposed to (and isn't just a surface piercing) then seeing the jewelry through the skin specifically relates to the thinness of your tissue. So, even if the piercing were made further from the edge of your hood, you would still see the jewelry through the skin. Does that make sense?

Another Shallow VCH Piercing (Marked)Can you send me a view from the underside, as in the attached image (which is of a shallow piercing marked with optimal placement)?

From the image you sent, I'd say that the piercing might be far enough away from the edge of your hood for safety.You'd need to keep an eye on it to make sure you don't experience migration. If it got any closer to the edge, you probably should abandon it.

Then there's the issue that if it is not at the apex you're not going to experience maximum stimulation from the jewelry, so that may be a reason to consider having it redone. Though if you like how it feels and looks, and you're not having any migration, then you could be okay.


She wrote again and sent another image, and I replied: It does appear shallow but that angle doesn't really give me the whole situation.

Did you try the q-tip test? (you probably will need to "de-fluff" the swab)

Are you able to get the swab underneath your hood deeper than your jewelry is placed? If so, then you could be pierced further from the edge of your hood (and closer to your clitoris.

It would have been good if I could see both ends on the bar when you pull the hood back. Also, if the view could show up under your hood instead of off to the side of it, that would be helpful.

In any case, if you're not happy with the placement, the you should abandon the piercing and consider having it redone. I don't know if you should trust the piercer who did this one though

Shallow vertical clit hood piercing from under/side view


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