23 Jul 2012

I received a message from a woman who got a VCH piercing. Fortunately, it wasn't a surface VCH, and it didn't accidentally pierce through her clitoris (VCH placement problems I've seen numerous times). However, it wasn't centered, and she wanted my opinion about that. She wrote:

Thank you so much for putting together such a vital piercing resource! I have been reading up an awful lot before I got my VCH piercing and your website has been a fantastic help!

I'm writing today with a bit of a worry. Four days ago had a vertical hood piercing and I'm generally happy with the result.
VCH Piercing Not Centered

I made it clear to the piercer that I didn't want a surface VCH where the piercing doesn't sit under the hood (thanks to you!) and the procedure was only slightly painful. I'm just unhappy with the positioning. It has been pierced slightly to one side and it's been bothering me for days. Only after the procedure did the piercer mention that I had a seam or vein right in the middle which meant it was positioned slightly to one side. She told me that after in initial swelling, this displacement might calm down a little.

I have attached a photo so you can see what I mean. If you could shed some light on the 'seam/vein' issue too? I just need an experienced, professional eye to assess whether you think it's completely wrong and I should get it done again (even though I'd rather not - as much as it wasn't too bad, physiologically, it was really uncomfortable) or whether you think this was a okay job considering my anatomy.
The left hand photo was shot on the day. It isn't clear but you can see where the bottom ball sits. The right hand photo was shot today and shows you a clearer shot of the 'seam' and impositioning. You can see it's still rather swollen after 4 days but it doesn't sting anymore.

I'll be going back in 4 days time to get the jewellery replaced (my piercers suggestion) so I would be really grateful for a response, either to put my mind at rest or to bring up any issues with my piercer.

Thanks loads, N.

My reply:

Had you tried the q-tip test on yourself?

If so, were you able to see whether the center looked clear? It is actually quite uncommon that any visible vascularity is located there. It is much more commonly along the sides of the hood where it forms from the body. That would be the only reason to place the piercing off center.

In any case, IF your midline is clear, there's absolutely NO reason why the piercing couldn't have gone in the center. It is very common to use midline features, whether a ridge or a valley, for piercing placement.

My guess is that your piercer did not have sufficient training. I often find piercers avoid the midline of many areas on the body for one reason alone: lack of training.

Did your piercer say why he or she was suggesting a jewelry change so soon? Normally initial jewelry should be left in throughout healing, unless it is causing a problem.

She responded:

Re: the q-tip test. No, I haven't done this yet but I shall once i'm not as swollen.

The piercer mentioned coming back after a week as she said the piercing would begin to 'grow over' the bar?! She noted that it wouldn't be completely healed until 2 weeks, but a week would be sufficient to change the jewellery for something a little more 'comfortable' for me e.g, longer bar/shorter bar etc.

Although I do really like it, it has been playing on my mind a great deal that it's not completely centre to my body. I guess smaller balls or a ring will hide the asymmetry but I'm not sure whether it's bad enough to tell her that I'm not happy and want a discount/money back so I can go elsewhere. As a professional, do you think I should stick with it (I can still feel it on my clitoris) or get it re-pierced?

I'm assuming, although wrong, it's very common to get the VCH pierced at an angle?  I would really appreciate it if you could show me where exactly the top bar should sit on the right-hand photo I sent to you. This way I can give it to a new piercer, if i do decide to re-pierce, and can be rest assured they'll hit the right area.

As far as this piercing is concerned, shall I take it out straight away, or wait a few more weeks? How long should I wait before can I get this re-pierced?

Sorry for all the questions! I'm just getting more and more anxious knowing it's not perfect.

Thanks again

My next response:Marked image of off-center VCH piercing

Importantly, the VCH piercing takes 4-6 weeks for initial healing (not 2 weeks).

And there's absolutely no reason to put in jewelry that should be changed in 2 weeks.  I can't imagine what she was meaning by the piercing would "grow over" the bar?!

If you do decide you don't want to keep it, you should remove it ASAP. Then you should probably wait 2-4 weeks for the area to heal and normalize before repiercing.

I'd be surprised if the natural apex (deepest point under your hood) is actually that far up. I've marked an arrow on your image and the piercing would go one dot below that (assuming I'm correct about your build). But it is quite common the exterior features are somewhat telling about the anatomy beneath. Naturally, I can't really tell from here. :  )

I marked your image with a line that passes through the peak of your "inverted-V" (where the bottom ball should be resting and visible) and it aligns with the arrow I marked. The piercing would (most likely) go at that negative space between the arrow and the line. If your hood is deeper than I think it is, then it still shows where the midline would be….


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