7 Sep 2012

I received a message from a gentleman who was having problems with a "pubic piercing"

New "pubic piercing" (lower than I suggest)Hi Angel,
I would like to seek your professional opinion and consultation on my current piercing.
I have got my pubic piercing 2 months ago, but it seems to be rejected in the last few weeks (picture of initial piercing and current status are attached for your reference)
My questions are:
1.       Should I take it out now and abandon the piercing?  Let it healed and re-pierce later.  My concern is will there be any risk to trap any bacteria in the piercing?
2.       Or should I leave it there and hope it can settle with this status?  The worst case will be torn out, right?
Any advice will be highly appreciated.   It really makes me embarrassed as I have not encountered any piercing rejection before for all my healed piercing including PA, nipples and others…
Thanks in advance for your kind advance.

My reply:

Thanks for your message. There's no need for embarrassment! Sometimes piercings reject even when things are handled optimally by both piercer and piercee. Rejecting piercing (more "upper frenum" than pubic_

I'm sorry to say that reddened appearance of the tissue between the entry and exit holes and the sort of dry, calloused look to the tissue are very bad signs. I do believe that your piercing is a lost cause and that you should indeed remove the jewelry right away. Simply wash it with soap and water, dry, and remove the jewelry. If you want to do some saline soaks as it is healing up over the next week or so, that's a good idea.

If you leave it in and let your body eject it, you're likely to end up with worse scarring, and possibly a split scar.

A couple of observations about your situation:

At least in the photos you sent, your piercing doesn't appear placed where I would normally place a pubic piercing: at the actual juncture where the shaft and the body meet. Piercings higher or lower than that don't tend to fare as well. This is more of a very high upper frenum, if you were to ask me to name it.

In your case there is such a defined groove at that boundary, you may not be suited to a pubic piercing. A piercing placed within it might cause pressure against the balls of the jewelry. Also if the tissue is dense and tight rather than malleable and pliable, you're not likely to achieve good results.

Also, do you know what size jewelry that is? I'd suggest 10 ga and usually go with a 3/4" minimum bar length. If you start too small (either too thin, too narrow--or both) there's a tendency for problems as well.

So you should take it out, but I have some concerns about whether repiercing is apt to be successful as described above.

He sent a final message:

i Angel,
Thanks for your prompt and very detailed professional reply.
Indeed, I do love the piercing but unluckily it turns out I might not be suitable for this public piercing.
BTW, should I expect the hole to close with a small lump of scar tissue there even it is not torn after removing the jewelry?
What can I do to minimize that scar tissue then?
And yap, I think I will take your advice for not re-piercing that area after healing.  Lesson learnt this time.
Anyway, great thanks for your very professional advice again the second time.  (I have got great advice from you the 1st time regarding PA piercing back in 2006 but I could not get myself to be pierced by you in Mexico at that time.  Finally, my PA was done in 2006 by an Australian piercer, which has healed very well till now!!)

I wrote back:

Yes, some scar tissue is absolutely to be expected following piercing migration and partial rejection. The good news is that it is apt to minimize over time if all you do is take out the jewelry. There are some scar reduction products that you can try, and this page of my website outlines some of them for you:


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