There are many manufacturers of high quality body jewelry, but there are even more who produce cheap junk that can irritate, infect, and even ruin your piercing. Buyer beware

InGauge, my Body Jewelry app

The style, fit, material, and finish of the body jewelry that you wear in a piercing (including an ear piercing) are all critical for health, safety, and success!

This is especially true of a piercing that is healing or troubled.

I'm happy to consult with you about whether your jewelry is appropriate or not, answer questions you may have about it, or advise you on superior alternatives.

Whenever possible, I suggest you obtain appropriate jewelry from a professional piercer--especially members of the Association of Professional Piercers (APP) who are required to stock and use high quality jewelry.

But if you don't have local access to such resources, there are several places online where you can purchase great body jewelry.

All of the jewelry companies mentioned on my Links page produce quality products. Only Body Circle Designs sells direct to the public (and they have insertion tapers, which are very helpful when changing your own jewelry). Some of the other companies have jewelry available for purchase on My esteemed colleagues at Infinite Body Piercing can send you any jewelry they stock, as well as what you can find in their online store, and also signed copies of The Piercing Bible.

If you will order online, you should check out my mobile app inGauge, which contains comprehensive information about body jewelry sizes, shapes, and materials for new and healed piercings. It will also teach you how to recognize quality body jewelry. inGauge provides diagrams, rulers, and instructions so that you can accurately measure your own body jewelry at home! 

Be safe,

Elayne Angel