6 May 2011

I received a message from a woman inquiring about a genital piercing:

 I was on a piercing forum and a girl made a post about a "high HCH" piercing. She didn't really go into detail, just mentioned that she has it. While I sent her a message for more info, I figured that if anyone could shed light on the subject, it would be you. I can't find any pictures or   info on the piercing aside from people saying that they have it. I was wondering what makes a high HCH different from a regular HCH piercing? How is the procedure different and would it be a viable piercing since I already have a VCH?

I would appreciate any info that you can give me and I hope you come back to Philly to pierce soon since i missed you last time!

Thanks, J. 

My reply:

HI J.,
Thanks for your message.
HCH Piercing-Traditional Placement

My guess is that she was talking about an ornamental HCH that is toward the top of her hood, rather than one that is placed so the bead on a ring can touch the clitoris, (which is what would make that piercing stimulating--if some of your clitoris is exposed).

This terminology is somewhat relative because hood lengths vary tremendously. For argument's sake, we can describe a high HCH piercing as being above a "normal placement"
as shown to the right. That is an image of a traditional HCH (where the bead rests on the clitoris).
For more information on the traditionally placed HCH piercing, visit this page of my site.

Ornamental HCH plus VCH Piercing 

To the left is an image of a woman with a longer hood. She has a VCH with a high HCH above it--the HCH is just ornamental. A traditional HCH would be so low the ball(s) would rest where the bottom ball of the VCH bar is located in this image.

Below left (smaller, in the black frame) is an image of an HCH alone that is placed high--again, just for ornamentation.

The procedure for a traditional or high HCH would be the same. Only the placement is different.

As far as whether you could get one, that would depend on your build and your current piercing's placement. Feel free to send some photos if you would like to be evaluated for one. You can email me at elayneangel[at]piercingbible[dot]comHigh (Ornamental) HCH Piercing

Oh, and I plan to pierce in Philly this August. I should have my dates set soon.

If you aren't already, and you would like to be notified when I make travel plans, please sign up for my newsletter in the box on the left lower portion of the front page of this site: http://piercingbible.com It is an "opt-in" list, so I can't add you myself.I hope that answers your questions.




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