14 Jan 2012

I had a piercee (not someone I pierced personally) contact me to say she was concerned about her genital piercings due to localized swelling following sexual activities:

VCH and Triangle piercing (with teardrop ring)I know you are super busy, and I totally appreciate you taking some of your time out to read and reply to my issue. I got a VCH on July 2nd and then I got a Triangle done on Sept 10th of this year. I haven't had any problems with the healing process but I have noticed lately when I have somewhat rough sex my hood gets quite swollen (like it kind of balloons up to maybe 2x its size). It gets really sensitive and discomforting and I don't know if its because the Triangle is still healing or is this a side effect of having both piercings? Or a combo of both?

Thank you for everything! You are an awesome woman and I love your book! You rock!

VCH and Triangle piercing (with teardrop ring)
My reply:

Thanks for your message, and the positive feedback about my book.
I'll be happy to help you as best I can, but without seeing your anatomy and the placement of the piercings and size and style of jewelry, I don't have a lot to go on. Could you possibly send me a few clear, close up photos? It would be best if you could include pictures that show your normal anatomy and also what it looks like when you're experiencing the problem.

Next came the photos.

Swollen Hood: VCH and Triangle piercing (with teardrop ring)
 I've taken the photos you've requested.  I wanted to give you enough to go on, so I took a few different POV's. Hope this helps!

Thanks again so much!Swollen Hood: VCH and Triangle piercing (with teardrop ring) M.

My reply:
Wow! That is definitely not a normal response. I'm wondering if the shape of your triangle jewelry is acting sort of like a cock ring and when you get blood flow and engorgement of your hood, maybe it traps it there?

How long does it take for the swelling to come down? Does it seem like the triangle jewelry is snug around the base of that area?

Maybe you should try the jewelry style I use for triangles--a widened circular barbell.

Her reply:
It takes around 3-4 hours before the swelling goes down. The whole area is discomforting and everything feels snug. So, is the placement of the piercing of the triangle right? And do you ultimately think its the jewelry shape thats doing this?

My response:
From what I can see, and what I've heard about the situation, I'd say that it is a possibility, and it would be the simplest thing to try.

Another thought: Are you using a vibrator during those activities? I've actually seen that happen to unpierced tissue from heavy vibrator use.

The piercings do appear properly placed (may I ask who did them?) And was the teardrop your original jewelry? If so, did you have any issues with it twisting around so the ball sat near the opening of your piercing on one side or the other--or did it stay in place the way it was supposed to?



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