22 Jul 2012

So, here it is, the botched genital piercing of the day by Mystic Piercing In Crofton, Maryland. The unlucky woman who received it wrote to me:

A Vertical Clitoral Hood (VCH) Surface Piercing with RingHey I see it's probably a centimeter too high from the hood apex (that is if I understood the location properly) I'm just wondering if it looks ok... And safely done. It's 2 day old so It is still a hoop rather than the bars I've seen on your site. Thank you very much for letting me know, of course my best friend and my fiancé Dont know how it is supposed to be, I hope to hear from you soon! Thanks,

My reply:

No, sorry, you have a hood surface piercing, not a VCH piercing. What you're referring to as the "apex" is actually the edge of your hood. The apex is up underneath your hood, at the deepest natrual part of the little "one-ended tunnel."

So, the piercing should come through underneath your hood just opposite of where it goes through on the top of your hood, at the upper part of the ring. See the photo I sent in response to your first message. The dot marks the proper placement on the underside of the hood. Yours doesn't even appear to penetrate your hood--just rest on top of it.

Also, the ring is a little too small for the amount of tissue between the entry and exit, so it is curving the skin. I believe you should abandon that piercing--it is a surface piercing and not position to provide any sexual stimulation.

Look at this page that explains the q-tip test.

It should clarify where the piercing should be made. You may want to do the q-tip test with the jewelry in so you can see how incorrect your piercing is. See image below…

A Vertical Clitoral Hood (VCH) Surface Piercing with Q-tip test

She wrote:

I think I'll give it a shot because the jewelry will be a bar in 6 weeks. And I don't want to have paid $80 for nothing lol. I figured it was incorrect once I saw the bottom of the piercing. I can't bear that pain again so as long as its not a health concern I'm
Def gonna try it. I do know my hood is shallow but not to the point it couldn't have been done properly.

Kinda irritates me cuz I was hoping for a job well done not a screw up =( .... WAHHH! LoL yes I have no objection to you using it. Can't tell who I am anyway haha.

Is it close to correct tho? It could have been my fault I did pull back the first attempt cuz it felt like a knife ... Worse than nipples getting done a 2 nd time with scar tissue. The 2nd time she did it I was shaking and got really clammy basically trying to handle the pain.  Our state dosent require a license, but I figured a studio with a good rep and specialized in piercing would be my best bet. 

My response:

No, your piercing is nowhere even close to correctly placed! And it was definitely NOT your fault! It is clear the piercer didn't know where to put a VCH nor how to get it there. It may not heal well and it could migrate.

It pierces at least 10 times more skin than it should (traveling down the length of your hood instead of perpendicularly through the thin membrane of it. So, of course it hurt more than a properly done piercing, which usually just goes through skin I can see through!

I sincerely believe you should talk to the owner of the business and be able to get a refund since you were essentially tortured and did not get the piercing you went in for.

If you read the comments on my guestbook, from women I've pierce, you will find they mostly report that it really didn't even hurt, or certainly not for long.


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