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Full cover of The Piercing BibleThe Piercing Bible contains a wealth of information for everyone with an interest in the subject. It provides a truly comprehensive view of the subject with concrete facts for people who are contemplating getting pierced, those who already have piercings, and the people who interact with them.

Because piercing breaks the skin, it is essential that you are accurately informed to help you make educated choices for effective healing and minimizing health risks. There IS a lot written about piercing on the web, but it is often contradictory, and sometimes downright wrong. Inaccurate information can be dangerous to your health.

The bulk of the book is practical advice for piercees and potential piercees. It includes detailed information on each specific piercing based on my extensive professional experience as of one of the most prominent body piercers in the industry. The book covers such topics as:

*How to find, evaluate, and select a qualified piercer
*Risk and dangers vs. myths and rumors--and how to minimize the real risks
*All about body jewelry--sizes, styles, materials, and quality
*How to clean and care for piercings, with alternative care options
*What to do if problems develop

I also offer helpful tips on living with piercings, including dealing with pregnancy and breastfeeding, concealing piercings, stretching and maintaining piercings, and sex and piercings, and much more.


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 The Piercing Bible Guide to Aftercare and Troubleshooting

Also available by Elayne Angel: 

This publication contains updated content, some of which is not found in the printed or eBook versions of The Piercing Bible!


Contains eighty pages of information focused on Aftercare and troubleshooting (including a great new technique for dealing with hypertrophic scars) 


Only $2.99




Running The Gauntlet Book CoverFor readers also interested in the history of modern body piercing, I highly recommend  Running the Gauntlet:

In Running the Gauntlet pioneer Jim Ward provides a captivating in-depth narrative on the origins of the modern body piercing industry. I was completely spellbound by Ward’s uncensored personal history, and his account of establishing a unique business that has brought genuine change to contemporary culture. Prior to Jim Ward’s founding of Gauntlet Enterprises, piercing was a little-known activity practiced by people on the fringes of society. Now, as a result of his actions, there are piercing studios all around the globe and millions of pierced individuals. The quantity of “firsts” that are under Jim Ward’s belt (figuratively, and perhaps literally) is remarkable.

This volume would stand on its own as a text, but the phenomenal collection of historical images throughout the book transported me on a journey across time right along with the author. The rich visuals make the story accessible and wholly satisfying. 

Even those who are not involved in body piercing would love this book because the tale itself is so intriguing, and so compellingly and candidly recounted. Don’t miss this must-read memoir!

Elayne Angel