Elayne Angel I have extensive experience as a public speaker and lecturer. For well over  ten years I’ve educated piercers at the annual Conferences of the Association of Professional Piercers (APP). I have also taught internationally at the APTPI Conference in Milan, Italy, and the BMXnet Conference in Berlin and Essen, Germany, as well as the APP Seminars in Mexico City.

Further, I’ve presented to many medical professionals on the safe care of patients with piercings. I was the keynote speaker at a health department conference and I have lectured on the topic of body piercing at Yale University and other institutions of higher learning.

I am an authoritative and dynamic speaker with many years of experience educating diverse audiences. I deliver captivating PowerPoint presentations bursting with crucial facts and images. If you are interested in having me speak at your event, hospital, or school, please use the contact page.

courses available to non-piercers include:


Safe Care of Patients with Piercings
Medical and dental professionals often lack accurate information, and pierced patients have suffered as a result. For instance, many doctors insist that jewelry be removed from an infected piercing, but heeding this poor advice can cause a more severe condition: an abscess. I offer this lecture to help healthcare personnel deal with pierced individuals effectively and with greater sensitivity.


Body Piercing: What You Need to Know
Piercing does have risks, but in the US, there are no standardized piercing regulations or competency requirements! As a result, unqualified piercers are everywhere and they often cause unnecessary pain, infection, and other complications. Therefore, it is essential that consumers have accurate information to help them make informed choices so they can obtain safe, successful piercings. This seminar is for adolescents, students, parents, and anyone who needs to know about the risks of piercing and how to avoid them.

The Delights of Erotic Piercings

It is rumored that intimate piercings can increase sensation and add some zing to one’s sex life, and it’s true. I address this explicitly and thoroughly in this workshop that covers both male and female genital piercings as well as nipples and oral piercings. This isn’t just a youth phenomenon; numerous middle aged and older adults as well as those with no other body art are seeking nipple and genital piercings! This clarifies everything you need to know to get a safe, successful piercing that can add to your own enjoyment, your partner's pleasure, or both!

The courses I’ve taught to piercers include:

Safe and Effective Female Genital Piercings (my professional specialty)

An in-depth discussion about female genital piercings with a focus on client comfort, safety for piercer and pierce, and effective results. Topics include communicating with your client, evaluating individual anatomy, optimal jewelry sizes and styles, piercing placements and techniques, and aftercare healing and tips. Piercings covered include:
• VCH • HCH • Triangle • Inner and Outer Labia • Fourchette • Christina • Princess Dianas • Multiple Piercings

Course consists of a PowerPoint presentation, lecture, video, and Q & A.

Male Genital Piercings
An in-depth discussion about male genital piercings. Topics include professionalism and client relations, individual anatomy, piercing placements, optimal jewelry sizes and styles, piercing techniques and tips, and aftercare and healing tips. Piercings discussed include:
• Prince Albert • Frenum (and ladders) • Lorum/Scrotum • Guiche • Pubic • Foreskin • Dydoe
Ampallang and Apadravya • Reverse Prince Albert

Course consists of a PowerPoint presentation, lecture, video, and Q & A.

Anatomy and Basic Piercing Techniques
This class covers practical anatomical considerations and basic piercing techniques for the following placements: 

Earlobe Ear Cartilage Eyebrow Nostril Septum Tongue Lip/Labret

Topics also include marking, placement, tissue manipulation, use of needles and tools, optimal jewelry sizes, jewelry handling and manipulation, and piercing hints and tips—all with a focus on:

• Safety for both piercer and piercee
• Getting the desired result in a piercing (proper placement, appropriate jewelry, sound technique)
• A maximum of comfort to the client with a minimum of trauma to the tissue

Course consists of a PowerPoint presentation, lecture, video, and Q & A.

Anatomy for Oro-Facial Piercing
Class includes an overview of the oral and facial anatomy that is commonly pierced with a focus on areas that are safe to pierce, and warnings about risky anatomy to avoid, along with and useful hints and tips for piercers.

Basic anatomy is covered including the types of tissues and important structures of the face and mouth with discussion on the following piercings:

• Earlobe and cartilage (including variations)
• Eyebrow and nearby facial placements
• Nose: nostril and septum
Lip/labret, cheek, tongue, and other intra-oral placements

A practical piercer's take on the subject that is geared toward apprentices and novice piercers.

Course includes PowerPoint presentation, lecture, video, and Q & A.


What is the Association of Professional Piercers?
A brief PowerPoint presentation that explains what the APP is, what it does, and discusses the types of memberships, and the benefits of being a member.

The Elayne Angel Story
A PowerPoint presentation that shares my personal story and illustrates my role in the evolution of modern body piercing and tattooing.

Additional classes are available on other piercing-related topics, depending on the needs of the audience.



A native of Southern California, I now live in Mérida, Mexico and write the monthly "Ask Angel" Q & A column for the body art industry trade publication, Pain Magazine. I frequently travel to do guest piercings at fine studios across the United States. I have served a total of four terms on the Board of Directors of the Association of Professional Piercers as President, Outreach Coordinator, and Medical Liaison, and I’m the 2006 recipient of the President’s Lifetime Achievement Award from the organization.

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