BMXnet Female Genital Piercings Seminar, Essen Germany

I will be teaching my seminar on Safe and Effective Female Genital Piercings to piercers at BMXnet event in Essen, Germany.

Elayne Angel speaks at BMXnet in Essen, Germany

It is an in-depth discussion about female genital piercings with a focus on client comfort, safety for piercer and piercee, and effective results. Topics include communicating with your client, evaluating individual anatomy, medical issues, optimal jewelry sizes and styles, piercing placements and techniques, and aftercare healing and tips. Piercings to be covered include VCH, HCH, Triangle, Inner and Outer Labia, Fourchette, Christina, Princess Diana, and Multiples. Course includes PowerPoint presentation, lecture, video, and Q&A.