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I Can Help!

I offer two types of professional online consults for all ear, facial, and body piercings:

1. Help with piercing problems, questions, and concerns.
2. Anatomy evaluations for piercing suitability (including assistance with prospective or existing piercing placement). 

I usually respond within 24 hours, often much sooner! The $10 consult fee is applied toward the cost of your piercing if I pierce you! (If you're already in my schedule, please tell me which city.) If your consultation is extensive and you do not get pierced by me, I may request an additional donation.

Fill out the form below to pay by credit card, OR pay directly via PayPal and send the $10 payment to: [email protected] (no email is answered at that address). Include your email address. Once I receive your payment I’ll contact you for the consult details and photos/video. If you'd prefer to pay by Square, I can send you an invoice! (Request one with the Contact Form.)

If you have questions or concerns about a piercing I performed, please use the Contact Form to message me. Otherwise, start your consultation below....

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What My Happy Clients Say

Elayne was wonderful and responded to all of my emails within 24 hours!! She provided great advice and showed detailed photos of what to look for.

I recommend ANYONE who has concerns with their piercings to contact Elayne and pay the $10 consultation fee! It is worth it!!!! She is absolutely a godsend!


Best $10 I have ever spent in my life! Elayne's response was friendly and detailed, reassuring and invaluable. 

An expert, easy and convenient piercing consultation. This is the place to come for help.


I cannot say enough good things about my experience with Elayne. My consult really gave me peace of mind.

Elayne was very honest in her opinion of what looked good for my anatomy and really made me feel confident. Will definitely come back for a consult for any other piercings.