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19 Apr 2013

Piercing Gun Ear Cartilage Trouble

I received a message from a man who experienced healing problems after getting his ear cartilage pierced by a piercing gun:
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17 Apr 2013

Nipple Piercing Problems: Placed too Deep & Jewelry too Short

 I performed a consultation for a woman whose new nipple piercings were placed very deeply:Dear Elayne,
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15 Apr 2013

Apadravya Irritation And Healing Solutions

 I received a message from a man who was concerned about his apadravya piercing:Hi Elayne,
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13 Apr 2013

Vertical Clitoral Hood (VCH) Piercing Worries

 I received a message from a woman who was worried about her new VCH piercing:Hi Elayne, 
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11 Apr 2013

Yes, It's A VCH (Vertical Clitoral Hood) Surface Piercing

 I received a message from yet another woman who got a surface piercing instead of the VCH she paid for:
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9 Apr 2013

Apadravya (Male Genital) Piercing Placement

 I received a message from a man who was considering nontraditional placement for an apadravya piercing:
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