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12 Feb 2018

Botched Hood Piercing is Accidental Clitoris Piercing

I received a piercing-problem consultatio
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21 Oct 2009

Dispelling Piercing Myths

I found that I'd been quoted in someone's blog post today about the Prince Albert piercing.
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21 Oct 2009

Piercer Charged with "Inappropriate Touching"

October 17, 2009 Piercing-related news from New Zealand: A pierc
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19 Oct 2009

Sexy Nipple Piercings!

I received this email from a woman who obviously found her piercings to have a great impact on her quality of life and self esteem:
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17 Oct 2009

Dolphin Piercing

I received this question about Dolphin Piercing:
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16 Oct 2009

Nipple Piercing

I recently contributed an article about nipple piercing to a great website called
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15 Oct 2009

The Latest Review

I just saw the latest review of The Piercing Bible on
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