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12 Feb 2018

Botched Hood Piercing is Accidental Clitoris Piercing

I received a piercing-problem consultatio
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17 Mar 2010

Triangle Talk

I received a message from a woman who is interested in getting a triangle piercing.
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14 Mar 2010

A Prince Albert Story

I ran into this story online of a Prince Albert piercing I did for a client when I was in San Francisco:
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11 Mar 2010

A Piercer's Respect

I received this message from a piercer on the East Coast:
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10 Mar 2010

Genital Piercing Risks and More

I received this message from a Health Education Specialist at a university:
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3 Mar 2010

Did the Reviewer Read the Book?
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2 Mar 2010

Yet Another Botched VCH Piercing

I got an email today from another unfortunate woman who got a misplaced VCH piercing that was terribly painful to receive:
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