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12 Feb 2018

Botched Hood Piercing is Accidental Clitoris Piercing

I received a piercing-problem consultatio
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8 Oct 2010

Question about Hepatitis Vaccines

I received this question from someone who works in a body art studio:
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8 Oct 2010

Surface VCH Piercing (with photo)

I received this message from a reader: 
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5 Oct 2010

A Technique Question from a Piercer

I received this message from a Facebook friend:
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4 Oct 2010

Mole Management

Below is an email exchange I had with a a woman who is interestedin genital piercing, but has a mole in the area:
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2 Oct 2010

Fantastic Feedback

I just got this message from a gal I pierced when I was in New Orleans:
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26 Sep 2010

Prince Albert Healing Question (Regarding Sex)

I received this message today:Hello Elayne,
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