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16 Apr 2018

Questions about Repiercing Nipples

I received a consultation request from a woman who'd worn nipple piercings that had been removed years prior.
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7 Feb 2011

Atlanta Piercing Visit is Coming Right Up February 11-13, 2011

I'm super excited for this weekend. I'll be piercing in Atlanta for the first time in quite a few years.
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4 Feb 2011

Love of Body Piercing

I got a fantastic message on my
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1 Feb 2011

Thumbtack Posting: Genital Piercing Expert

I just posted about my upcoming
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31 Jan 2011

Piercing Around the World (Even in Malta)

I received this message from a reader in Malta!
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28 Jan 2011

Where Can You Get Pierced By Elayne Angel?

I got this message in my YouTub
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