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30 Mar 2011

Injured Industrial Piercing

I received this message from a woman who is worried about her piercing:
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24 Mar 2011

Prince Albert Piercing Complication-Paraphimosis - Updated

I received an urgent message for help today from a young man who had received a Prince Albert piercing a few days prior.
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16 Mar 2011

VCH Piercing Concerns

I received a message from a woman who was concerned about her VCH Piercing:
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14 Mar 2011

Follow ALL Aftercare Instructions for Genital Piercings

I just got a message from a woman I pierced a few weeks ago.
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8 Mar 2011

Amazing VCH Piercing Results

I love to hear from people who are really enjoying their piercings.
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7 Mar 2011

When to Stretch a Triangle Piercing

I got a question from a woman I performed a triangle piercing on:
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