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12 Feb 2018

Botched Hood Piercing is Accidental Clitoris Piercing

I received a piercing-problem consultatio
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12 Jul 2014

Female Nipple Piercing Nightmare (With Photos)

A woman wrote to me for a consultation about her failed nipple piercings.
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3 Jun 2014

New 2014 Piercing Trips Planned: Albuquerque, NM and Oklahoma City, OK

I've booked piercing tours in two new cities! Click the images below for more details and to learn how to make an appointment.
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26 May 2014

Accidental Double Piercing of the Inner Labia (Labia Minora)

I received a message about a piercing issue that was a little different from most of the problems I get concerning Vertical Clitoral Hood
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