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1 Nov 2012

Prince Albert Placement Questions

I got an interesting message from a man who had received a poorly placed Prince Albert piercing:
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24 Oct 2012

VCH Piercing and Urethritis

I received a message form a woman who was experiencing a problem:
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10 Oct 2012

Singing My Praises

I recently received this message:
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9 Oct 2012

Tongue Piercings: Suited to Minors, or Adults Only?!

I received an interesting question from a piercer who wanted to know my opinion on piercing the tongues of minors:
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9 Oct 2012

Vertical Clitoral Hood (VCH) Piercing Fail- Twice!

I received a message and some photos from a woman who got pierced twice, and neither was properly placed....
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4 Oct 2012

Thank You to Ancient Adornments and Obscurities

I am just about to head home from my piercing trips to
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