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4 Dec 2012

Navel Piercing Problem (With Photos)

I received a message from a woman who was concerned about her navel piercing, which is experiencing healing problems:
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28 Nov 2012

Spotlight on inGauge: The Body Jewelry Measuring Application

I'm so excited about the Pain Magazine "Spotlight" on inGauge, my awesome body jewelry measuring mobile app.
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26 Nov 2012

Even Ear Lobe Piercings Can Be Dangerous

I received a message from a gal who had ear lobe piercings done with an ear stud gun and she experienced complications:
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23 Nov 2012

Learning to Pierce- A Piercing Apprentice

I got a question from an aspiring piercer:
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23 Nov 2012

Apadravya (Male Genital )Piercing with Hypertrophic Scarring

I received a some photos and quetions from a man who got an apadravya piercing
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19 Nov 2012

Navel Piercing and Bloating/Weight Loss?

I received a message from a woman who had some concerns related to her navel piercing:
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