28 May 2012

I received a message from a woman who had a really bad experience getting a triangle piercing.Then she went to one of the piercers I referred to (Becky Dill of Cold Steel in San Francisco) and had a much better experience!

Mrs. Angel,

Round 1:
Last September, l while in Monterey, CA, I got a Triangle piercing at the local XX XX studio. A reputable establishment with an experienced piercer. I'd spoken to him twice before actually going to get the piercing and I was convinced of his knowledge. Although, an eyebrow was raised when he mentioned use of a captive ring for the piercing. He re-assured me that it's worked on a number of occasions.

On the day I went, I was accompanied by a friend who was getting a VCH. As it was her it was her first genital piercing, she was quite nervous. I'd gotten my VCH pierced several years earlier,  so, I was a lot less apprehensive, calm even. The piercer was informative and talked her through each step of the process. Really nothing of note when it came to her piercing.

As he prepared me for the Triangle  he took his time, a little longer than I expected. A possible reasoning, is that he stated that my skin was possibly too "thin" in that area. During the piercing, I prepared for a similar sensation as that I'd experienced during my VCH piercing, maybe slightly more intense. And initially, that's exactly what I felt. *Deep breathe in, deep breathe out, penetration, of the needle, of course, :) relax* After relaxing, thinking that the piercing was done, I felt a sharp, intense pain that caught me off guard and caused me to jump, as he continued pushing through. I was not at all prepared for that sensation, and being that I jumped, I apologized for my unexpected movement mid-piercing.

Triangle Placement and Jewelry ProblemHe merely laughed it away and said I did fine. At no point did he acknowledge anything out of the ordinary, so, I took it as "normal". Only because I'd read mixed reviews on the sensations felt during the piercing. The remainder of the day I was still slightly dazed by the sudden pain, but, mostly embarrassed by the fact that I jumped and my seemingly low pain tolerance. :(

However, by Day 2, I was dealing with quite the discomfort and even began questioning the placement. The right side, exit point, seemed to be a bit higher than that of the left side (which offered me no discomfort). I endured the discomfort and swelling for several days before just giving in and going back to have it removed. As he'd mentioned, prior to my actually getting the piercing, that I could potentially experience some discomfort due to my "thin skin" in that area, I was cordial upon my return. I spoke on my concern of the right side being possibly higher than the other and how it seemed to give me the most trouble. I even gave him an alibi, by saying that this could've occurred I jumped mid-piercing. He dismissed my concerns by saying that the appearance of "un-eveness" could simply be because the piercing hadn't settled. His unwillingness to admit any fault or possibility of fault, irked me like no other. I decided that I would definitely seek a second opinion, but only by someone that you referred.

Round 2:Triangle Placement and Jewelry Problem
After several months of traveling, I found myself back in Cali only further North. Being that I'd be here for a few months, I scoured your reference list for a close by artist. In the meantime, I'd re-equipped myself with more knowledge and planned on taking a more none sense approach. Fortunately, that approach wasn't necessary.

I contacted Cold Steel America (San Fran) in search of Mr. Paul King. As he was preparing for an overseas trip, I spoke with Ms. Becky Dill (also listed). Ms. Dill was quite knowledgeable and personable. We spoke for several minutes about my previous experience and she was open to, at a minimum, a consultation. The next morning, I drove the 1.5 hrs. to meet her. Upon my arrival, I was greeted by another piercer and we discussed the experience, as well, and looked a few pics (attached) while Ms. Dill was with another client. I was comfortable with Ms. Dill from the moment she said, Hello.

During prep, I addressed my concerns from the last experience. At no point did she rush the session, she simply answered the questions professionally and politically (not to bash another artist prior to even seeing the goods). As soon as she began assessing my genitals, she stated that I was definitely a candidate for the piercing and even addressed her concern for the small sized jewelry in my VCH (I'd put in an eyebrow jewelry, because, I thought it was cute.) The other piercing didn't even question it. While assessing the area, she searched for the previous scars.

VCH and Triangle Piercing She identified the one on the right side, noting that it was near where HCH piercing are traditionally placed. There was no visible scarring for the left side. At this point, she prepared for the actual piercing. Unlike the last time, I was quite apprehensive. She took her time, especially when she realized that my clit had a tendency to "slip" (or something of that sort). Ms. Dill took this into consideration during marking and placing the forceps. She even took out my VCH, just to be sure.  [Her prep time was still not as long as the other guy's.]

Still quite nervous about potentially enduring the same sharp, intense pain for a second time, I had to take a few minutes to mentally prepare myself before she actually pierced me. *Deep breathe in, deep breathe out, relax* A COMPLETELY different experience!! My initial reaction was excitement, because, what I felt, was what I expected. No sharp, intense pain, AT ALL!

Long story short: Either my nerve bundle or actual clit was pierced during my first Triangle piercing. Although, the piercer wasn't prepared to admit to this fact.

I'm on Day 2 of having my piercing and I'm still excited. There's been "normal" bleeding, but, no excessive swelling or soreness. I can walk around normally. 'm so glad that I gave it a second chance!

VCH and Triangle PiercingMy comments:
The piercers I refer to are the ones I have a high level of confidence in, whcich is why they are on my referrals page.

There are many thousands of piercers in the world, but only a handful or two on my list. This isn't to claim that only those piercers will do a good job. But if you have it within your abilities to visit one of them, it is worth making an extra effort to do so.

PLEASE DO YOUR HOMEWORK! If you are interested in being pierced by me personally, check my Events calendar, or sign up for my free newsletter in the box at the top of the right column on this page. You will automatically be notified when I make travel plans.


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