8 Aug 2012

I received a question from a woman who got a surface VCH piercing. This was more disturbing than usual because she had seen this site and read all about the pirecing. Even so, she ended up with a VCH surface piercing:

A Vertical Clitoral Hood (VCH) Surface Piercing at restShowing the surface VCH piercing with hood pulled back

Are you still finding the time to answer questions? If yes I have a question on surface VCH piercings: do you advise keeping them and if not why not? 

I found your website and had a read through before getting my piercing but I guess no amount of reading can guarantee the result you're after. The lady I went to certainly talked the talk. I had the piercing done today and I'm not unhappy with the result but I think it may be incorrectly placed.

What is your opinion on my piercing? Can I keep it or do you think it will cause me issues further down the track? I can't really gauge the implications of a surface piercing from the info on your website.

Thanks for your time and assistance in advance,


Hi J.,

You're correct--your piercing isn't even close to properly placed….You have received a surface VCH piercing.

One disadvantage is that it passes through many, many times the amount of tissue than to a properly placed VCH. So you can expect it to take a lot longer to heal. The other issue is that it won't fulfill it's full potential to function as a piercing that can increase sensation and pleasure.

It seems a shame to get it done wrong and tolerate an extended healing period for a piercing that doesn't do what it is supposed to do.… Also, surface piercings aren't as much of a  sure thing as a regular piercing. They may be more subject to complications including migration and rejection.

Did she use forceps? Do it free hand? It is hard to imagine she got those results using a receiving tube.

She wrote again:

She said she was using a needle receiving tube and even showed it to me before I lay down.  Come to think of it though she had said when I first met we that she had only started using them not long ago after years of doing it freehand.

I think I will see how the healing goes and if I don't like it after a few months I'll remove it.

Thank you again for your help.


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