12 Aug 2012

Below is some correspondence I had with a woman who got a VCH piercing and she had some concerns about it:

Bruised VCH PiercingHello Elayne, I got my VCH piercing a few days ago. Looking at it today I noticed it's pretty bruised. Is this normal? It doesn't hurt other than if I touch it it's a bit tender.

I'll attach a couple pictures so you can see the piercing and the bruising and tell me how it looks to you.
Thank you.

My reply:

Any piercing (or break in the skin) can bleed, bruise, and/or swell. So that's not really of concern. From what I can see, it looks normal, but if you want to have me fully evaluate the placement, I need to see an image of the underside. See this page for explanation of the photos I need to see.

Is this the care you're following?

She wrote again:

Upon taking the picture as per your request it is easy to see that my piercing is pretty shallow.

It was a little difficult to get the picture but I think it is sufficient to show this. Aesthetically it still looks nice but I don't want to have complications such as it
Shallow vertical clit hood piercing from underside viewrejecting. Do you think I should remove it and try to have it redone? I live in a small town so my options are pretty limited. Thanks again for your time and opinion.

Hi again,

"Shallow" refers to the piercing being too close to the edge of the hood. But your piercing is far enough from the edge of your hood on the exterior, so I don't think you are at a high risk for migration or rejection.

The issue is more that you aren't pierced as close to your clitoris as you could be. Therefore, the greater consideration would be whether it provides enjoyable sensations (and also the aesthetic, which I think is just fine).

You may want to consider trying out a J-curve after you're healed to maximize the jewelry contact with your clitoris:

J-Curves can be worn in VCH piercings


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