22 May 2012

I received an interesting question from a piercee who wondered if there was a reason his piercings healed more quickly the second time around:

Hey Elayne,

This might be a dumb question but I was curious as to why piercings heal faster the 2nd time. I had my nipples pierced twice cause I took them out for some dumb reason and then a few years later wanted them done again and I had 10 frenum piercings and did the same thing with those. Both healed alot faster the 2nd time... is there a reason for this? Im just curious... thank you for all your time with my questions and btw im back to work and just got paid so ur book is definitely on the agenda! Thanks. W.

My reply:


Well, I can certainly think of a good reason for healing going faster the second time around--if the piercings go back in essentially the same spot they were located in previously.

Whatever healing was accomplished inside the initial piercing can remain. Sometimes most of the inner channel that has "epithelialized" is still intact and only the entry and/or exit need to be pierced to put jewelry back into the hole. So most of the healing would have already been done and only the ends need to reheal. Does that make sense?

If the piercing goes into a completely new spot, then I'm not sure why it might heal better the second time around. With the exception that your body already knows how to minimize trauma to that area and deal with healing a piercing in the same area.

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