20 Jul 2011

I just got back from a fantastic two-week trip to Southern California. I hung out with my family and had the wonderful experience of meeting my brand new grand-neice while there. She's totally gorgeous! And we celebrated the birthdays of my dad and my sister. I had a blast!

My husband and I also debuted his new adult toy line (gorgeous and functional handmade glass art pieces) at an adult novelty show in Pasadena. If you're interested, you can see them here.

And, of course, I did three days of piercing at Prix in West Hollywood. My clients were fantastic and it was way too much fun to be considered "work." The staff there was terrific and I look forward to working with them again soon. Here's a few messages I have already received from clients I pierced there:

Hi Elayne,

It was my pleasure to meet you this past week at Prix on Sunset in West Hollywood.  You and the Prix team made my piercing very easy.  I wanted to share thoughts for women that might be considering...

Firstly prior to my piercing I contacted Elayne, and she was a dear and answered all of my questions.  I also followed her pre- piercing recommendations and cut out several herbal vitamin that contained ingredients that were on Elayne's list of things not to have - and yes that included wine.  I also purchased a complete multivitamin with vitamin K and iron to build my body's immunity and over all health.  And I purchased vitamin C for post piercing health.  The day of the piercing, I did take Tylenol (an approved pain killer.)  I think all of these recommendations really helped to get my body physically prepared.

The day of the piercing, the Prix staff was great.  Prix is immaculately clean.  Elayne is very professional and knowledgeable, and she explained every step of the process from paperwork, to sterilization, to what she was doing and why.  The entire process from prep to my leaving Prix, including jewelry purchase took one hour.  The actual piercing was swift and took less than a minute.  After there were thoughtful freebies, including sea salt, organic lubricant for sex, and a panty liner just in case.  As I told Elayne, my private piercing was easier than my navel piercing!  I left the studio with absolutely no discomfort.

I think the before care and after care that Elayne gives is critical to such an intimate piercing.   I was able to resume my normal sexual activity within 72 hours;  although I have taken oral sex off the table until being completely healed.  My piercing looks great, I feel great, and I am eternally grateful for having had the opportunity to be pierced by one of the best.

Thanks so much Elayne, I appreciate you.

Continued blessings and success!

Cali KJ

And some more feedback from my recent trip:

Just wanted to let you know that the VCH you performed on Thursday is doing well :)  I often forget that I have a new hole down there; it's so comfortable that I barely notice it, and I don't feel any pain at all.  Maybe a little bit of pressure if I'm exercising, but, other than that, nothing.  It's been ridiculously hassle-free.  I feel the fact that I don't have any discomfort with it even during rigorous exercise means that the placement was perfect. :)


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