16 Jul 2010

I received a message from a woman who was concerned that her second VCH piercing was still not properly placed. Turns out, she was right.

I had been so excited about getting my VCH, I've read stories, looked at pictures, everything! There was a limited number of shops where I'm living at the moment, and going to a bigger city was out of the question! I called the only shop who has a piercer at the moment, talked to the guy, he has 14 years experience piercing, and he told me he has done 100's of hood piercings. And because of this I trusted him and was actually excited about going!

The only thing is, now that I'm home and really taking a good look at it, it looks like it was done wrong!Well I took your advice, thought long and hard about taking out my surface hood piercing, and did. I waited, and got it re-pierced. This time however, I had a bit of trouble with healing as it swollen for about a week straight and slightly red. Its absolutely fine now, and I love it.

My concern this time though, is that I'm worried my piercing is too close to the edge; I'm also sure my piercing has moved slightly, either from the weight of my ring pulling down, or it simply moved to a more comfortable place. Though I am worried that it is actually migrating out since so little skin is pierced. The placement itself seems fine, it touches my clitoris when the ring is sitting and when pulled back, unless I lift the ring itself. It seems to be in a higher place than previously, though I still don't know if it should be placed at the slight indent at the top of my clitoris under my hood. (Should the placement be different than what it is when I lift my ring back and you can see under the hood?)

My major concern though is how little skin there is from the edge, to the ring. Do you think its fine where it is? Or that it may be placed higher, and therefore more skin, and have less of a chance of moving or being ripped out. Right now it feels like there is too little pierced, and if I chose to put in a curved barbell, it would not be able to support it. I would also like to know if you know of anyone in my area that would be able to do a re-piercing? I'm wondering if I do chose to take it out, that it will be harder to pierce on another date? Would you again suggest giving it some time to "close" even if the piercing seems to be already healed, before I get re-pierced? If I chose to do so that is.

Shallow VCH with ring     Shallow VCH Underside
(Click photos to enlarge)

My reply:

I'm afraid this piercing is not properly placed. It should be up  where you described, at the "apex" or deepest natural point of your hood--which is quite a distance from where it is currently located.

It does appear too shallow for safety. So my advice is to remove it, let the area settle for a month or so, and then have it repierced properly. A curved bar is the usual starting jewelry, especially for someone with your build (you don't have full outer lips that enclose the area).  A prior piercing would only make it hard to repierce if there's excess scar tissue in the area, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Also, where it needs to be pierced is far enough away from this existing piercing that it shouldn't be an issue.

Also, with your build, a curved bar would be safer for initial jewelry. Generally, I reserve rings for women who have very full outer lips and recessed hoods, so the ring is well protected. After healing, either is fine.

Here's your photo marked with a red dot where the piercing should rest on the underside.

Proper Placement for Underside of VCH piercing


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