24 Jan 2013

I received a message from a man who was concerned about his Reverse Prince Albert piercing, which is experiencing healing problems:

I've had this RPV for about a month to a month and a half. It doesn't look right and I've had some trouble figuring out what's going on with it. First, is the placement an issue? Secondly, there seems to be some kind of hypertrophic scar around it as well as a wound-like thing going on. Could the piercing be migrating and that's what's causing some of the issues? Generally the piercing doesn't hurt. It can hurt a little if it's rubs just right while walking. It also hurts a little if it's squeezed. Sex is also a bit painful. Is there any hopes of salvaging this or should I just be giving up?

Reverse Prince Albert healing, discomfort

My Reply:

Hi, R.
Thanks for your message.
I believe you're having a problem with migration due to the style (and possibly size) of the jewelry you're wearing. My best suggestion would be for you to have that changed to a curved bar. As it is, the ring is subject to a great deal more trauma than a bar would be. You do want to select a ball size at the urethra that is too large to easily slip inside. 

I do think it is salvageable if you are happy with the placement. I tend to put them a little closer to the corona, and most men seem very happy with that, but such placement is not a requirement for success.

I think the excess scar tissue is likely to diminish when you put in jewelry that is better suited to healing in that region.

Also, these are the care instructions I suggest (Is this how you're caring for the piercing?) http://piercingbible.com/piercing-care.

To facilitate healing, you may want to do saline soaks: http://piercingbible.com/saline-soaks. Have you tried them?

And also use emu oil (if you don't object to using an animal product): http://piercingbible.com/emu-oil. Many piercees are amazed at how helpful it is for healing. It keeps the jewelry lubricated so there is less secretion and trauma from it, and the tissue stays moisturized, which helps foster more comfortable healing, too.

Did you get these same rules about sexual activities? They're important! This is from my book, The Piercing Bible--The Definitive Guide to Safe Body Piercing:

Safer Sex
There is no set period for abstinence from sexual activities while genital piercings are healing. There are, however, two nonnegotiable rules:

1. Be gentle. Pay attention to your body. If your piercing feels sore, you must stop what you’re doing, or at least ease up. As you begin to heal and the piercing feels less tender, you must still be vigilant to avoid injuring the fragile new cells.

2. Be clean and hygienic. Protective barriers must be used to prevent the sharing of bodily fluids. For oral sexual contact, use a dental dam (sheet of latex) to shield female genitalia and a flavored or unlubricated condom during fellatio. Thoroughly wash hands and sex toys before contact near a healing piercing, and use condoms for all intercourse and on insertables like dildos and bullet-type vibrators. If other barriers aren’t suitable, apply a waterproof dressing such as a Nexcare or Tegaderm before sexual activities to keep your partner’s body fluids from getting on your piercing. All of these precautions are mandatory to prevent infection during the entire initial healing period, even if you and your partner are monogamous and healthy.

Appropriate body jewelry is smooth, so high-quality condoms that fit properly should perform well. Water-based lubricant helps reduce excess friction to protect the integrity of the latex. The sensitivity of your healing piercing can make up for the addition of an unfamiliar barrier. Pleasure Plus condoms are made with extra room that is suited to frenum and Prince Albert jewelry. Avoid condoms and lubricants with the spermicide nonoxynol-9 (N-9), as this harsh chemical may burn or sting and can harm the delicate cells of a fresh piercing (as well as vaginal or rectal tissue).

Good luck and happy new year!


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