27 May 2013


I received a message from a woman who wondered if her new triangle piercing was making it harder for her to achieve orgasm:

Hi Elayne! I hope you're well. I have an orgasm question and I don't know who to ask. I had my VCH done at the end of January. Then I had the triangle done a month ago. It seems since then I have had a harder time coming to orgasm. I haven't lost sensation because I feel like I am so close the entire time I masturbate. It feels great. Sometimes I just can't get over that ledge to the big O. For example I couldn't tonight and was frustrating because I was right there. But I had done it the previous 3 nights within 10-30 mins. Since its only been a month on the triangle do you think there is still some swelling and healing going on? I don't know anyone else who has one to ask. Any insight you can give I would be so so grateful. Thank you!!

My response:

Thanks for your message. Your piercing is still quite new and still in the healing stages. During that time, you can expect the healing process to be ongoing, and until the piercing is fully healed and settled, you won't really know how it will ultimately "perform" for you.

Did you go to one of the piercers on my referrals list, which is on this page of my website: http://piercingbible.com/piercer-referrals ?

If not, you may want to have me do a consultation to determine if your piercing is placed properly for your anatomy and for me to see if you're wearing appropriate jewelry.

Please visit this page for information on booking a consultation with me:


She wrote back and sent pictures:

Hi Elayne,

I messaged you yesterday about the VCH, Triangle, and Orgasm. I'm just checking on my placement to make sure that's not contributing to a anything. I've been careful about cleaning and used antibacterial Dial soap every day.

New Triangle and healed VCH. New Triangle and healed VCH

You don't appear to have been an ideal candidate for a triangle as you seem fairly small built and have an extra fold on the left side of your hood. That said, it appears the piercer did the best job possible to place it, given your anatomical considerations--from what I can see in a photo, without evaluating you in person.

Are you able to feel that the triangle jewelry is placed BEHIND the clitoral shaft (and not in front of it, nor through it)? If so, then it is properly placed for your body.

Dial soap is VERY harsh and not suggested for use on piercings, nor for that part of the female anatomy. These are the care instructions I suggest: http://piercingbible.com/piercing-care and there is a mild soap mentioned on the page.

There's nothing related to the piercing placement that I could see would be likely to be responsible for the problem you're having. Do you feel the jewelry is at all in the way of your activities? Or are you able to manipulate your body as you usually would when masturbating?

If you believe it is properly placed behind the clitoral shaft, and does not interfere with your personal style of touching yourself, then there's nothing I can say in terms of a logical, piercing-related answer to your question. It is possible that your issue relates to the healing process and that once you are fully healed, you will likely find that the problem was temporary.

My best suggestion is to give it a rest for at least a few days or longer. You aren't healed as yet, and you may be setting it back by being sexually active (if only with yourself).

Let me know if you have other questions.



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