12 Apr 2011

Shallow VCH and too-thin inner labia jewelry I received a message from a woman who hadn't had very good luck with her genital piercings:

I had e-mailed you in the past to get information about a VCH piercing and you had told me to send photo’s once I had it done.  I ended up getting the piercing done originally in Burlington VT so my significant other could be there, and I also got inner lip piercings.  They ended up being very painful on a scale of 1-10  a 10 or higher.  I became nauseous and dizzy. It was a horrible experience. She originally mounted the VCH crocked and I made her redo it. Also she did not sanitize the jewelry, just took it out of a drawer. I also found out later the barbell was a tongue barbell not a VCH, and the inner lip rings were the wrong gage size, and too large in diameter.  I wish I had waited and come to you.

                I went to a second shop in Burlington and had them look at the work. They were equally unknowledgeable and put a shorter barbell on me with very large jeweled balls.  This piece twisted horribly in my cloths and nearly tore my hood several times.
Shallow VCH and too-thin inner labia jewelry-2
                I went to a third shop in my home area of Rochester NY.  This was a specialty shop that does only piercings.  The owner Jason is the one that pointed out many issues with my piercings.  He told me they were all placed too shallow to be pulled on, and that all of my piercings had the wrong type of jewelry.  I had him redo the VCH, he was excellent it was about a 4 pain level on a 1-10 scale.  He made me a custom barbell with a nylon instead of metal barbell with silver balls, the one on the top smaller then the one on the bottom.  He stretched my lip rings up to a 16 gage from 18 and put in small diameter rings. I had him add a second set of inner lip rings that were placed deep enough to be pulled on and be more then decorative.  He says once this heals we can stretch the lip rings up one more gage size to strengthen them from 16 gage to 14 and make them more comfortable for me, as I am having issues with ‘cheese cutter sensations’ when the rings are pulled by my clothing.  

                I wanted you thoughts on how the piercings look as I want them right.  I have attached 3 photo’s showing the three  stages I went through with the piercings.  I am still quite unhappy with them.  I have been very disappointed with my experience.  I have been struggling with anorgasima which is very unusual for me since I got these piercings.  I am unsure if this is being caused by the piercings or if it because I started taking an anti-depressant around the same time.  I am unsure if I just have not given them enough time to heal being I just had them redone about 5 days ago.  But the lip rings burn and are still quite painful.  I have considered taking them all out because this has not been the experience I expected.  I wanted your thoughts regarding the piercings, as I wanted them very much….but it is not working out well thus far.  Is my experience particularly bad because I have 5 relatively fresh piercing in the same small area?  It feels like I have a zipper down there now.  Thanks for all of your help.Correctly placed VCH and multiple=

Best Wishes, K.

Hi K.,

Sorry to hear about your bad experiences. That's totally awful.

Your piercings (this round) are still very new. You should definitely give them some time to settle and heal before making a decision about removing them. At this point they look properly placed and sized, so give them a chance! Of course they are going to be tender--especially since you got so many at the same time.

It is MUCH more likely that your problems achieving orgasm are related to your anti-depressant medication, which is notorious for causing that side effect. Your piercings are so new, that you won't even know what they're like in terms of regular sexual functioning until you're healed.

This is the aftercare I advocate: http://www.safepiercing.org/piercing/body-aftercare/

Let me know if you have any questions.


Elayne Angel, Author
The Piercing Bible--The Definitive Guide to Safe Body Piercing
Medical Liaison, Association of Professional Piercers



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