4 Oct 2010

Below is an email exchange I had with a a woman who is interestedin genital piercing, but has a mole in the area:

Hi Elayne,

I went to other day to get waxed and was informed that I have a mole on the inside of my outer labia at the apex.  She also said it could be broken blood vessels (since I have not been using lubricant).  Personally, I think it looks like a mole.  But the lady says she has never seen that anything like that on anyone she has done.  She suggested I go to a dermatologist.  Is that unusual  with your experience?  Would it be something I should have removed?

Thank you--

Hi D.,

If she thinks you should see a dermatologist, then you probably should. Since I haven't seen what she saw, I can't give you my own opinion. But I imagine (like myself) she's seen enough bodies to know when something doesn't look right. If you can get a good photo of that area, I'd be happy to take a look, too.


Hi Elayne.
I still want a vch if my structure allows it but I just don't know about the mole.  I am willing to travel to you even if it is for a consultation.

I went ahead and made an appointment with my dermatologist.  However, I couldn't get in until the end of next month.  When I spoke with the receptionist about my problem, she indicated if it was not a raised mole that the doctor would have to take stitches. So, I am unsure if I want that done. I will have to see. It doesn't hurt or bother me.

I have been comparing my structure with some of your newer pictures and other pictures on the web. And now I am wondering if I have enough tissue. Is the clitoral hood the small thin skin covering the clitoris or is it at the apex of outer labia (the cleft of venus)? I think I may have been confused with all the pictures and different anatomies.

I thought I had enough skin because I think I have been looking at the apex of the outer labia rather than the tissue covering the clitoris.  When I had my daughter years ago, I was in labor only 2 hours and suffered some tearing which they had to stitch inside.  Anyway, it seems that I may be more asymmetrical or have more skin on one side than the other. It almost looks like that one side wraps over the other. But where it wraps, there doesn't seem to be much depth. If I don't have enough skin, do you think that can be changed thru plastic surgery? The mole is at the apex of the venus and extends somewhat inside of the folds.

I kind of feel stupid now but you've been really great in helping me. I really wanted this bad but now I don't know.  But I still want to try.

Thank you for all your help.  You've been great!

Hi again D.,

Even if the mole is not painful or bothersome, you must listen to a doctor's advice on what to do about it. Your health is at stake--this ins't solely a matter of aesthetics.

After that's all handled, (if the mole is removed) the area will have to be reevaluated.

Asymmetry is very common, and it will affect the way piercings rest on the body, so that does need to be considered. I am always able to explain in detail the reasons why I suggest a particular placement, for example if I intend to place it in the visual center of the area when the tissue is at rest--versus spread. Or, if asymmetry will prevent the jewelry from resting vertically, for a few examples.

The hood is the thin tissue that covers the clitoris. Did you try the  q-tip test as pictured on this page of my website: http://piercingbible.com/female-genital-piercings#Photos to see if you are anatomically suited for a VCH piercing? If you are not suited, you'd have to consult with a doctor about whether or not your build could be altered surgically.


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