24 Dec 2011

Duke Piercings with straight barbellsI got a message from a fellow piercer who had asked me some questions about performing "Duke" piercings. This is the term I coined for Princess Diana piercings when they are performed on a Female-to-Male transsexual. Yes, they've been done on more than one. You can find more information about them here. There's also another photo and more description about the Princess Diana piercings here.

Hey Elayne! Thanks for the tips on the duke piercing. Here's how it turned out. I used 14g 9/16 sbb and the back side of a 10g needle as a receiving tube. Left one went no issues, right one I did 2x bc lost connection on insert. You can see where the initial incise was. I changed the positioning bc I thought it was too low, but now it seems too high. :/ either way, he was stoked and I was stoked to do them for him! Thanks again for your insight. Happy holidays to you an your family!

My reply:
Thanks for the photo! They look really cool.

The bars look like they may be a tad short and it seems as though they may be "nesting" a bit into the tissue under the top balls. My preference is for using curved bars for a few reasons. 

1. They provide some extra room without adding extra length.
2. Curves can be more stimulating since the jewelry rests closer to the clitoral glans than a straight bar.

Duke Piercing with curved barbellsAlso, I've noted that with FTM guys, it is pretty common that they experience a fair amount of growth during arousal--more than women. So they do sometimes need more extra room on jewelry to allow for the increase in size.

Are you using internally threaded jewelry? I do, and I use what I call a "snip" to connect the jewelry and the needle for the transfer. It works great! You can watch me doing it on most of my piercings on this page.

Did you mark the placement first with gentian violet or other marker?

Wishing you a happy holiday season and great things in 2012!

His reply:

Yes I always use internally threaded or Neo metal threadless. In this case it was bb from I.S. snips! Yes I've seen that before but never given it a try. I'll check em out. I mark with a sterilized toothpick dipped in gentian violet.

Just curious why the jewelry may be too short... Should the bottom balls
be fully visible? Do you think we should go with a 5/8 cvbb?

My response:

Like I was saying, a lot of FTM guys built that large get quite a bit of growth when aroused. It is probably going to be more comfortable for him if the balls don't end up fully underneath the foreskin when he's erect. Also, depending on how much his clit grows, then having the balls underneath the foreskin might be uncomfortably snug. If you look at the jewelry fit in the image above left, you can see that I sized the jewelry for his erect measurement (determined by pulling on the tissue a little and talking with the client).

The snips are just pieces of paper clip that have been sterilized. If you take wire cutters and just cut the curved ends off, each paper clip makes 4 snips of various lengths. Sometimes I put a little lube on them to make them stick in the jewelry. When I pierce tongues and lips, I attach the needle and jewelry together and just give one push, the jewelry is already in the piercing. It is very fast and easy for the client. Sometimes I bend the snips a little, kind if the way you do with the pin when using straight NeoMetal bars.

You can see me using it on a video on my page here called "Navel Piercing on BBW" (which, by the way, looks like traditional placement when she's standing!)


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