15 Mar 2012

Here is a message exchange I had with an unfortunate woman from Australia who suffered needlessly (multiple times!) at the hands of an unqualified piercer:


Hello Elayne,

I have read your post about Triangle Piercings and I am in need of help as to what should I do about the one I have.....

Last year I had a triangle piercing done but it was crooked and the ring was really small and was actually pinching the hood of my clitoris closed and it was making it really difficult to do anything and was in fact ripping, I changed the ring to a bigger diameter and gauge but it did not make a difference, I lasted 2 months and took it out.

Then 5 weeks ago I had the same thing done again, the piercer did it the first time was not happy with the location while I was laying on my back with my legs flapped open like a chicken so I was sat up so that she could get a better hold of the nerve bundle and pierced it again and the piercer was happy with the
location and left it like that.

So now that the swelling has gone down and I can actually stand to spread everything to have a proper look. Now that I can see the piercing I can see that it is not horizontal but actually sits diagonally and it is not sitting in the valley it is slightly on the outer labia and on the inner labia right next to the vain.

I am not sure if I should take it out and wait for it to heal and then try to get it done again or if I should leave it in and wait for it to heal and then get a bigger ring. In total I have had this done 4 times (twice each time).

During the same visit with the piercer I had my nipples done, however my left one is not in the areola but on the actual nipple, can I take this out and have it redone when it has finished healing or should I leave it?

Your help would be most appreciated.

Kind regards, A.

My reply:

OH my goodness! That "triangle" is VERY far off from where it should be. I simply cannot understand how a piercer could get that far off. Did he or she use forceps??

You will need to remove that. Where are you located? Perhaps I can suggest a more qualified professional. PLEASE do NOT allow that piercer to touch you again! You should get your money back.

When you say you've had it done "twice" each time, do you mean that the piercer had problems (what problems?) with the piercing the first time and had to stick you twice during each visit?

I have to ask: did your piercer mark the placement before piercing you?!? 

You didn't go to one of the piercers on my referrals list, did you (if you did, they are going to be removed!).

I'm really sorry to hear about your bad experiences. It angers and distresses me greatly as I have worked very hard to make piercing safe and professional.

She wrote back:

The piercer did not use forceps for the Triangle piercing but did use them with my nipples and the nipples had marking for where the needle should go, the triangle did to start off with but it got rubbed off while the piercer was trying to grab the nerve bundle to try and pierce behind it was not a quick procedure it was done very slowly so as they did not stab them selves as they were trying to pierce me.

I have attached some more pictures for you to have a quick look at, hope they give you a better view, I have had issues with them in the short 5 weeks, they have moved since putting them in and the scars are already beginning to show. When my left nipple was done it was not as easy as the first and felt as though it was under extreme pressure and I was told that I had a fibrous nipple.

I have only ever been to that piercer twice and both times I visited the triangle piercing was performed twice during each visit. (sucker for punishment/perfection)

Please know that I did not get this contact from your referral list, I did how ever get this persons business card by word of mouth about how good the services are.

I am actually from the Scotland.....but if you do know of someone over this side of the world who is reputable that would be marvellous.

I will take the triangle piercing out...and wait for it to heal again and hopefully find a reputable piercer. (I doubt the piercer will give me my money back, I got charged twice for the same piercing even after the first one had to be taken out.)

I have bigger rings for my nipples but was told not to put them in for 8 weeks, should I wait or just change them now to stop any further migration.

and finally:


Wow, that's quite a story. You absolutely should get your money back. Simply show the piercer those images. CLEARLY the piercing is NOT placed as it should be! Is there any sort of consumer protection organization there? If so, you should consider lodging a complaint!

If you'd like to see how it should look to get a triangle, I have videos available here.
I think you'd find it quite illuminating!  You'll see that I can perform a piercing accurately and in just an instant!

As far as your nipples go: the piercing should be placed at the base of the nipple where the tissue forms from the body, in the natural groove or crease there. Normally jewelry should be left in during initial healing, but that is when it is the proper size, style, and quality. The placement you have does not look correct. But, assuming you did want want to keep and heal the piercings, you should get larger diameter rings in place as soon as possible so the wounds aren't being squeezed at the edges by a too-small ring. The tissue should take up no more than 1/3 of the space on the ring. If you aren't happy with the placement you should remove the jewelry and wait to find someone more qualified.

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