28 Mar 2013
I received a message from an apprentice piercer asking about jewelry for an ampallang piercing:

Hello Ms. Angel,

My name is F. I am an apprentice piercer and I have a married couple coming in and they both want to get pierced. The Husband (uncircumcised) is adamant on getting an Ampallang, but he wants a hoop for the initial Piercing. I can not find any information online or through other piercers if this is safe. I would really appreciate your advise.

thank you.

Hi F.,

What about your mentor? If you're an apprentice, there has to be an expert you're studying under, right? What does he or she have to say….? If you do not have anyone to guide you through such advanced piercings, you MUST refuse!

If someone came to me with that request, my response would be, "No, I'm sorry--I won't use a ring for initial jewelry in that area. My experience allows me to be certain that would not be safe or helpful for healing. I can start it using a bar, and after you are fully healed you can explore other jewelry options."

In any case when it comes to dealing with clients, you're in charge. Regardless of how "adamant" somebody is, it is up to you to always stand by your ethics and only do piercings for which you are qualified, and to refuse to participate in any piercings (or jewelry selections) that are a bad idea.

Just say "no."  If they say they'll go elsewhere for it--that's fine. You can't be responsible for their bad decisions, but you can be responsible for avoiding making your own. I always tell people, "Any piercer who is wiling to do that does not care about your safety, wellbeing, or the success of your piercing--only your money. I DO care, which is the reason I'm going to refuse to do anything that is a bad idea."

ALSO, importantly, the initial jewelry MUST fit within his foreskin without excessive distortion and without keeping it retracted. See this blog post on my website:


I was wondering, have you read my book, The Piercing Bible--The Definitive Guide to Safe Body Piercing? That would be the first thing you should read if you haven't already.

I can think of a few other resources that might be useful for you: 

of my site contain hundreds of posts about piercings.

The APP website contains a FAQ and all kinds of good information: http://www.safepiercing.org/piercing/faq/

The APP procedure manual, too can be downloaded for free from the site: http://www.safepiercing.org/publications/procedure-manual/cd  Note that it is currently being updated and the new manual will be available by June 2013.

Back issues of The Point, the quarterly journal of the APP, are all available for free download: http://www.safepiercing.org/publications/the-point/back-issues/

If you'd like to see me performing piercings, and demonstrating exactly where they should be placed, I've got videos available here: http://www.clips4sale.com/store/10557  (They're not "how-to" videos, per se, but they do show a lot of information, too!)

There are free archives available of all the columns I've written for Pain Magazine (answering piercing questions) here:

http://www.painmag.com/archives.php My article is always on page 16.

A good resource for anatomy is: The Human Body Book

I teach annually at the Association of Professional Piercers conferences. You don't need to be a member to attend. Information is here: http://www.safepiercing.org/conference/ It is a truly amazing event and it is wonderful to network with other piercers, and there is always more to learn.

I wish you the best of luck on your journey.


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