12 Sep 2010

I just received this lovely message from a Facebook friend:


i am sure you get messages like this all day long, but here's another one.

(i realize that this might be old news, but i was thinking back about my experience at Conference, and thought that you deserved acknowledgment)

thank you for being so kind to me at the APP conference. i was so intimidated out there (since i am so new to the industry), and felt isolated and awkward the entire time. it was nice to see your smiling face all over the place. i admire your energy, your down-to-earth-ness, your openness and your talent.

i am proud to show off your book to our clients at Evolution, and they are always so impressed to hear about how you, crystal and noah have a friendly relationship.

thank you for being you.

best wishes to you and your husband. may mexico be treating you well.

sarah rivali jones

My reply:


Thanks so much for your lovely message. You're so sweet. All of us with the organization welcome you. I know it is hard not to feel awkward there, especially when you're new. But I can say with authority from the APP Board and members that we are friendly and we are genuinely happy that you're there. It's good to know that it shows.

I'm delighted that you found my support at APP to be helpful; I look forward to seeing you next year! I'm also happy to know that you're using my book in the studio. I hope it is helpful whenever you need an additional resource.

Please send my warmest regards to my friends and esteemed colleagues at Evolution, Crystal and Noah. You're in good company there!

The Yucatan is paradise, and we're very lucky to live here!

Thanks again.


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