18 May 2012

I received this message from a client who was booked in for an apadravya piercing with me:


I am obviously concerned aabput my apadravya piercing.  If i recall properly you said you do not use forceps you pierce it freehand. Do you pierce from the galns up into and out the head?  I do have what i feel is a narrow urethra so i am concerned about urination post piercing.  I have read a million blogs and your book. 

I know you dont like to discuss your piercing details in great detail so people dont try to use or copy your professional style, but could you perhaps walk me through the best you can how it will go during my experience.  I beilieve that information and the best possible understanding of what you wilo do and how it will go would greatly help with my anticipation and stress.

I am actually going to be sharing this with my personal physician and will actualy ask him for his services post piercing to make sure everything is the best it can be for my healing and continued piercing care.  I will be asking him for something to numb myself for the piercing.  I am sure i could grit my teeth and bear through it but i truly believe it can be an amazing experince if i am numb during.  I am assuming a lidocaine ciscous to squirt into my urethra and i am hoping a lidocaine injectable for the galns and head. I will make sure that what ever it is would not distort tissue or encumber the piercing process.

I am not in any way wishing to expand my piercing gauge. I am assuiming it will be a 12 gauge and i will keep it at that forever.  But i am to understand the length od the bar is quite critical.  Not only for comfort and usage but for swelling.  I am hoping to get some medical assistance with swelling if it becomes an issue.  My wife and i have measured a few times and we come up with 1 1/8" - 1 1/4"  from my glans to where we believe we would like the piercing to pop through the top of my head.  We of course will measure a few more times and get that measurement to an exact largest length.  Do you usualy tkae that measurement for the first bar or do we make it longer in case of swelling? And i believe also we want that to be just snug when i am fully erect.

I am also curious about the piercing bar placement as to does it pierce my corpolous the two compartments that are what sweels and makes the penis erect. I can feel at the head where that ends and is just the tissue of the head of the penis. Do you try not try to pierce that or pierce just in front or into it? I do not know if there is options or better placement scenarios etc.?  Can tou share your wisdom and years of i hope post experinces from folks with an apadravya?  I am assuming we would want the piercing to not pierce the corpolous (I apologise for not having the proper name and spelling ) and just be in front of it. But have no idea of what is best and if the changes possible piercing migration, more or less healing time, swelling, comfort of the piercing, and positives or negatives either way?

I of course like any other i truly wish this piercing to add great joy to my wifes and i future experiences and dont wish for anything to harm or have a negative impact.  I do not know if this piercing in anyway physical can render a male impotent or a vast number of things we can imagine.  So we turn only to you in our wish for greater knowledge of any and all experiences with an apadravya piercing.

I am sorry for the length and depth of this email, but i am sure you can understand the depth of concerns.

Thank you so much for all your wisdom and knowledge. I truly am very excited to get an apadracpvya and wish and hope for it to be an amazing piercing!

My reply:apadravya piercing

I'm not the least bit secretive about anything that I do. In fact, I wrote a whole book into which I put pretty much everything about piercing that I could think of (it is over 300 pages).

I pierce from the bottom up. Would you like to view a video of me doing the piercing? I have them available here: http://www.clips4sale.com/store/10557
Just search the word "apadravya" in the keyword field. I think the first one is 10 gauge and the second one is 12 gauge.

There's normally no need to add extra length for swelling on jewelry in an apadravya as the extra length is usually "built in" by sizing the jewelry to allow for the maximum erect size. The initial jewelry should not be snug when you are erect. That should wait until after healing is over. If you think 1 1/4" is your utmost maximum size in the area the piercing would go, (and your flaccid size is somewhat smaller) then we can use that length bar.

I'm fine with you using something for numbing, but if you do get injected, I cannot guarantee that the placement will look the same once any change or distortion from that is gone.

The apadravya just goes through the spongy tissue of the glans (and of course the corpus spongiosum, which contains the urethra);  it does not pierce the corpus cavernosa. They don't come all the way into the glans. See the drawing here for clarification.

I've never had anyone experience problems with urination from any Prince Albert, apadravya, or reverse PA; I don't expect that you should have any problems.

I hope this information is helpful.

Let me know if you have other questions.


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