1 Jul 2012

I received this message from a woman who got a terribly botched genital piercing:

I just got a genital piercing done today and shortly after the piercing I noticed it looked a little bit off. I started doing some research and I can’t find any piercings that look like mine. The gentleman at Steel N Ink in Port Dover, Ontario, told me that it was a Christina piercing BUT from the research I did the Christina look s nothing like what he did for me.

He clearly had no idea what he was talking about. I had told him I wanted a vertical clit piercing and when we pulled up pictures online it was the vertical clit hood piercing that I wanted and I told him that was what I wanted done. I know very well what the VCH looks like and this looks nothing like it or the Christina either. Plus when I got the piercing I think he went right through my clit because I was practically screaming when I had it done. The clit should not be  piercing for a VCH but the end of the piercing should sit on the clit. This goes through the middle of the hood through the clit and out the bottom where I pee. So when I do urinate the ball on the bottm of the piercing gets urinated on ,I dont believe thats normal. Its like my hood is stapled over my clit and and through. Plus it wont stop bleeing. Its only bleeding a lil but its constant and my clit is very sensitve right now. lll send pictures, please help me.
Thank you.

Accidental Clitoris Piercing (VCH requested)Accidental Clitoris Piercing (VCH requested)Accidental Clitoris Piercing (VCH requested)
Oh my goodness!  I'm sure that is quite painful indeed. Yes, you have had your hood pierced to your clitoris! Unfortunately, this is not the first time I have seen this.

If you want a VCH piercing, it looks as though you might be able to unscrew the bottom ball, remove the jewelry from the clitoris and slide it out from under your hood, where the VCH piercing should actually go. Even if you wanted to keep it, you should not have a single piece of jewelry through two parts of your anatomy. You won't be able to clean either the VCH or clitoral glans piercing properly with them attached together by one barbell.

If it is simply too painful to deal with, you should just take out the jewelry and abandon the piercing.

Bleeding is to be expected and isn't the issue of greatest concern. But you should also get your money back from the piercer who has made a truly grievous error.

Though it may be fair to include the studio name ad piercer, so as to warn other women to stay away from this menace.

Elayne Angel, Author
The Piercing Bible--The Definitive Guide to Safe Body Piercing
President, Association of Professional Piercers

[email protected]

FOLLOW UP (She wrote again a few weeks later):

Sorry it took so long for the reply.
I have decided to remove the piercing as of today (July 22, 2012). Unfortunately the piercing did not heal as I had hoped. The top part of the piercing would crust up and this liquid would always come out. I was constantly cleaning it. Also, everytime I tried cleaning it the top ball of my piercin would bleed and sting. I dont want to risk anything happening so I removed the jewelry. 

I would like to get it redone evenually, but get it redone properly. I know the perfect artist for the job. I have heard good things about her. The shop is called Kreative Khaos and I have never heard anything bad about her.
One thing concerning me right now is the fact that my clit hood is very hard. It's like there is something lodged in it. It doenst hurt or bug me but when i do touch it it just feels weird. Even when I pull back the hood so my clit can come out the hood still has something hard in it. When I was checking to see that I had the appropriae clit hood for the piercing i could put a q tip under the hood and get it all the way to back of the hood and take out the q tip but now i cant even fit a q tip underneath the hood. It's impossinle to make it fit. I think the clit might be stuck under the hood but im not sure. 
Hopefully you can shed some light on this situation. :).
Thank you for your help, K.

My reply:


It is a very good idea to remove the jewelry. Even with properly done piercings, it is not appropriate to have two fresh piercings attached together by a single piece of jewelry, as I explained previously.

The hardness could be scar tissue.  Without evaluating you in person, it is not possible to say exactly what is going on. But there's a chance that the hole in your clitoral hood and the hole in your clitoral glans healed with a connection of tissue between them. Basically you may have fused your hood to your clitoris.

If there's a competent piercer near you, then you should go in and get this looked at right away to see whether you may need medical intervention. You'll note in our prior correspondence, I advised you that it was not wise to keep the jewelry in place…

And just because people "say good things" about a piercer, it doesn't mean that they have specific training and skill in genital piercings, so you should definitely ask about that before letting her pierce you. Getting her opinion on the current situation would be a good way of checking her knowledge level.

Let me know what happens.


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