30 Apr 2011
Below is my exchange with a piercee who received an iron cross (apadravya + ampallang) piercing:
I recently got an ampallang piercing to complete a magic cross. I think the placement is good and that the piecer did a good job. But I would like that to be evaluated.

Iron Cross
Also, I have an ileostomy. Though the bag is very clean, it can bump up against the side of the piercing. I have been salt soaking 4 times a day (every time I empty my bag) and washing with antibacterial gel soap twice a day. The piercing, now about a week old, has stopped bleeding.  I kept this routine up for about a month on my apadravya which had the same problem and healed perfectly. I cleared this routine with a doctor before each piercing. My question is does an ampallang have a longer, shorter or the same healing time as an apadravya. My apadravya bled for a week. But the ampallang only bled for a few hour.

I can send pictures if that would help you evaluate things. Thanks, M.

My reply:

Dear M.,
If the ampallang passes through your urethra, then it would be expected to take about the same amount of time to heal as the apadravya. If your ampallang does not pass through your urethra, then it could be expected to take longer to heal than the apadravya. They are both subject to bleeding when new, but the apadravya is apt to bleed more than the ampallang, so all of that sounds normal.

You just need to watch for trauma from the jewelry hitting the bag, as impact can delay healing and cause problems like excess scar tissue formation.

I hope you heal well and enjoy!


Thanks for the reply. I am not sure if it goes through the uethra or
not. I requested it to go through the uethra, but they told me they
had to pierce far enough away from the apadravya so the piercings
wouldn't touch that they were unsure if they would hit the uethra. I
said that was ok, as I know touching piercings can pinch.  Then I kind
of blacked out after the procedure and don't remember all that much.
So I don't know if it goes through or not.

At first, it didn't seem to alter the urine but as the stream got
stroger, it seems to alter it. How can I tell if it goes through the
uethra or not?

I am enjoying my piercing. M.

Dear M.,If your urethra is big enough, you can try to spread the opening and try to take a look. Ordinarily it would be in front of the apadravya. Elayne

Thanks. I tried but my opening is not big enough to see whether it goes through or not. I did feel it though.Iron Cross with Irritated Urethra

I noticed swelling and a little redness around the opening when I did this (pictures below), but the area around the entry/exit of the bar is fine. The opening was a little sore to the touch. Is this just the fluid moving forward and something that will resolve itself or is this something I need to go to the doctor to get drained.

By the way, I loved the book. M.

Dear M.,
I'm not really sure why your urethra would be irritated, unless perhaps it is from the antibacterial soap, or from saline soaks (if they're too strong). If it doesn't seem to you as though it isn't either of those two things, then you may want to visit your doctor.

Thanks for the feedback; I'm glad to hear that you liked my book!

Thanks. I think I may be making the saline a bit too strong. The doctor wanted a little bit more than the piercer till the bleeding went away. I will try dialing that back to see if it goes away. M.

Dear M.,
The correct ratio is 1/4 teaspoon salt to 8 ounces of water. Or, you could buy "normal saline" from the drugstore and heat it up. That is what you're trying to replicate with the saline solution.

Just wanted to say thanks. It definitely was overcleaning. Everything
is healing really nicely now. I really love the piercing. M.


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