2 May 2011

I received two photos from a woman who requested an appointment to receive a Vertical Clitoral Hood (VCH) piercing from me during one of my guest piercing visits.

She sent me two photos, including one of the q-tip test:

questionable q-tip testHood tissue

I replied:

Did you do the q-tip test yourself? I know it is hard to do that and get a photo at the same time. My concern is that it appears you may have butted the swab up against the bottom of your hood, but not gotten it underneath. Usually, when the swab is under the hood, you can see it (the bulge of it) to some extent. In your case, I merely see a sort of fold at the bottom of the hood tissue, which may indicate the swab is just pushing up on the skin, but is not actually underneath the little one-ended tunnel of the hood.

My concern is also strengthened by the other photo in which it appears as there is not a whole lot of hood tissue present (in which case, the swab would show through if it were in the right spot).

Can I get you to try the q-tip test again and make certain the tip of the swab is up under the hood? You don't need to take a photo if you feel confident that you can get the swab under your hood and that the tip of it is indeed covered by your hood tissue.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

To help you, attached is a photo of a "surface hood piercing" that is incorrectly placed, with a swab in the right location, a photo marked with the "inverted V" of the hood, where the swab should go in, and one of a "q-tip test" with the swab way underneath where it should be, and it is marked with a red dot where the swab should enter the hood. I hope these prove helpful.

Surface Hood Piercing with Q-tip test:

Surface VCH with Q-tip Test

The "inverted v" of the hood marked:

Inverted 'V' of the Hood

Improperly done q-tip test with the proper spot for the swab marked with a red dot:

Incorrect q-tip test with dot marked


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