VCH Surface Piercing of the Day

I received a message from a woman who suspected her VCH piercing wasn't properly placed as she was not experiencing any enhancements from it.

She wrote:
VCH Piercing that looks normalCould you have a look at the photos of my VCH piercing?  I had it done a few months ago and while it hasn't caused me any bother, it hasn't had quite the "wow" factor I was expecting!  If you think it is situated correctly could you recommend jewellery for it? 

I live in Ireland so I travelling to one of your recommended piercers wasn't an option!

I'd really appreciate your opinion



My reply: It is clear from the image you sent that you don't actually have a VCH piercing--you have a hood surface piercing. Therefore, I'm not at all surprised to find that you are not experiencing added sensation from it!

That said, your hood opening appears quite small and the tissue very minimal so I'm not sure you're actually built for a properly placed VCH piercing. From what I could see, it does not appear that you are a candidate.

In which case, since it isn't bothering you, perhaps you might want to try some other jewelry to see if you can get a better effect from the current placement. Check out the J-curves shown below, right.
VCH is clearly a surface piercing and hood is not a candidateYou can click on the image to go to the page for more information or to order. Other than that, I'm not sure what to suggest….

J-Curves can be worn in VCH piercings

She responded: Thanks so much for getting back to me Elayne.  I think I'll  take the piercing out, it's just getting in the way if it's not adding to anything!  I'll look you up if I'm ever in the states, maybe you can make up a piercing for my anatomy like you did with the princess Diana!

Thanks for the advice.

Hey Irish Girl, I recently got a VCH from a studio in London. There name is 'Into You' and they got good reviews, so I decided to go and 'interview' the piercer, her name is Rhianna, and she did a great job. I am healing up nicely, she was friendly, informative, washed her hands, used the right techniques from what I have read online etc. She also checked me out for a triangle and told me I was unsuitable- which is always nice to hear someone being unwilling to perform a piercing that you are not suited to. So if you are ever in London and want to try again (or see if you can anatomically try again!) look them up. Best of luck.