Nostril Piercing and Jewelry Changes

I received a message from a woman whose nostril I pierced. Unfortunately, they started to give her a hard time about wearing the jewelry at work. So she got in a clear quartz crystal retainer and concealed it:

Hope your well and your travels are treating you good.  Well, today is one day shy of three months from the initial nostril puncture piercing.  Yay!  I have pulled it off.  I still have the clear retainer being covered with a hole punched micro pore skin tone bandage, but is it safe to remove now without risking the piercing site from closing?  If I can remove it when having to be here at work Wed, Thurs and Fri and replace it Friday evenings upon arriving home?
Please advise when time permits.

My reply:

I'm glad to hear that it is still in and that the tape has been working for you with the retainer.

Unfortunately, 3 months is the minimum time that can be expected for the piercing to epithelialize and no longer be an open wound--though it can certainly take longer for initial healing to take place. Some find the piercing takes 6-9 months or so to heal!

In any case many people find the nostril piercing starts to shrink and close instantly when jewelry is removed--even after wearing it for years!

I cannot suggest you remove the jewelry or plan to remove and try to reinsert it frequently, and most certainly not  on a daily basis. Even an older piercing (1 year+) would probably get irritated from that. But trying to leave it out this soon (even for a short time) is likely to cause problems.

Sorry if that wasn't clear. The 3 month time is the period that you should normally leave in initial jewelry before chaining it--but certainly isn't a good time to leave it out.

Let me know if you have other questions.

4 months ago, I had my nostril pierced. It was done with a needle and a titanium nose screw was put in. Over the past 4 months, I have had a bump develop beside the piercing. It generally follows the cycle that the bump forms, it pops and pus and blood drains, it refills then over the next 4 days or so calms down. The piercer told me to stop saline and switch to tea tree oil morning and night. 

Last week my piercer told me the inside of my nose looked healed and that once the most recent bump calmed down I could switch to a nose bone thinking the movement of the hook could be part of the problem. 

Yesterday, My husband accidentally bumped my nose which didn't really hurt much. This morning I woke up to a donut of pus surrounding the whole piercing which drained a huge amount of pus and blood. This evening it again popped when I scratched the bottom of my nose.

 So once again, I am doing tea tree oil morning and night plus hot compresses. 

My question is am I fighting a losing battle?  Is this typical or normal or my body saying nope not gonna work. I am trying to nurse it now then get the jewellry changed. If problems persist, should I concede defeat?? Thank you for any advice. I would appreciate it. 







I'm sorry someone else had a hard time with that dilemma. It's one thing if they have a no jewelry rule, in the case of food safety issues (although even then there are other ways to safely keep piercing jewelry in & not risk it falling into anything), some hospital settings, etc., but when that's not the case I always feel it's simply another ridiculous form of discrimination based on appearance & stereotypes. To me it's just unacceptable.

It is a big issue in the area I live in, yet there are plenty of pierced noses I know. Some employers will eventually come around if the piece is kept small & "tasteful", but sadly not always. I would keep the current retainer in until it's fully healed of course, & then find a few different small bioplast jewelry pieces in flesh tone or clear matte (non shiny) to try in it. The nostril piercings are tiny enough that most everyone I've known can hide it acceptably this way when it's appearance that's the issue, & then change the jewelry after work or whenever they like. Keeping a small tin with clean spare pieces of jewelry for work in your purse or car is a good idea, too, just in case you forget to change it before you get there. <3