Female Genital Piercing and Masturbation

I received an interesting email from a woman who is interested in a genital piercing, but had concerns about whether a VHC would affect her preferred style of masturbation:


I wanted to thank you for maintaining your website as a really informative resource on genital piercings.

I want a stimulating piercing and have been told I'm not a triangle candidate but could get a VCH. I like to masturbate by rubbing the shaft of my clitoris through my hood - have your clients reported that it's harder to reach the clit shaft if there's jewelry there?

Thanks so much! D.

My reply:

Hi D.,

Thanks for the positive feedback about my site, and for your question. 

I haven't heard any comments about that in particular. Some women have said that using a vibrator against the jewelry makes a lot of noise, though.

Do you position your fingers toward the bottom of your clitoral hood (where the VCH jewelry would be), or are your fingers a little higher up on the shaft? If your fingers are normally higher, then the piercing shouldn't impact your usual masturbation style. And the movement of VCH jewelry caused by movement of your hood may prove enjoyable.

In fact, you may find that the presence of jewelry under your hood facilitates the type of stimulation you like (that you may not need to press as hard, or that other sexual activities may result in pleasurable sensations from the jewelry contacting your clitoris).

Have you done the q-tip test as pictured on this page of my website:
to see if you are anatomically suited for a VCH piercing? Simply insert the swab under your hood but don't push up too hard on it. Sometimes there's not much of a natural "overhang" of skin, but if it can be manipulated to cover, it is still safe to do the piercing. So if your hood doesn't cover the tip of the swab, use your other hand to try to manually move the tissue down to try to draw the skin over to the swab tip. (It is easier to push the tissue down rather than try to pull it.) Also, you might want to de-fluff the swab and lubricate it a bit if your hood seems snug or shallow.

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ive never had any problems masturbating with my VCH. in fact, having it has increased the number of ways that i can stimulate my clit, with varying levels of intensity. its never migrated, gotten irritated or infected, and i was able to return to normal sexual acticvity in less than two weeks following the piercing. by far, my VCH has been the most cooperative and rewarding piercing that ive ever had. 

I have a vch  myself. And i must admit it feels frekn amazing went i use my vibrator on it!!. Tho it is loud.. Be careful not 2 over stimulate urself!!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on December 5, 2011 - 3:15pm

I have a VCH and I masturbate in the manner you described. In my experience, the VCH makes stimulation more pleasurable and orgasms more local and intense. The bar rolls over my shaft from side to side when I rub through the hood. The bar does get in the way just a bit when I want direct exposure of the bulb, but it's not a hindrance to my orgasm at all. Go for it; besides the financing of my education, it's the best money I've ever spent on myself.

Now, I have no hands on experience with the VCH and masturbation - mainly due to the fact that I am a man. However, I have a little sunshine story to tell about the subject.

I have a female friend who told me she never had an orgasm in her life. I suggested to her, that a VCH might help solve her problem, if it was not a psychological issue. I am a body piercer and she agreed to let me perform the piercing on her. I quickly noticed that she had an unusually thick hood with excess skin covering the clitoris. I figured that her problem was that her clitoris was simply too hidden for her to stimulate it properly and that a VCH wou definitely improve clitoral stimulation...

A couple of weeks after we performed the piercing, I received a text message saying simply, "it works". It turns out that she had gotten her first AND second orgasm the day before. One by masturbation and one by sex with a man. I am pretty sure, she's now very happy with the effect of the VCH.

You bring up a good point. I have had some men and women with genital piercings cause irritation, delayed healing, and even migration in some cases due to overzealous masturbation while a piercing is stil too new for that level of action. It can feel really good, but it is important to be somewhat gentle and listen to your body throughout the healing period.

I have a vch  myself. And i must admit it feels frekn amazing went i use my vibrator on it!!. Tho it is loud.. Be careful not 2 over stimulate urself!!