An Apprentice Applauds

Here's another awesome review. I'm excited to see that The Piercing Bible is the thing that kept him from buying a piercing kit and experimenting on his friends!

5.0 out of 5 stars The piercing bible, September 18, 2009
By Simon Fourstar (L.A.)-
As a soon to be apprenticing body piercer I cannot begin to describe how valuable the Piercing bible has been for me. Having read it from cover to cover I am far more knowledgeable then when I first started. From the many varieties of piercings and their placements, jewelry styles, aftercare, what to look for in a studio, what to expect from your piercer, etc.etc. Most of what I read I did not know or wasn't even aware of before I had decided to enter the field of body piercing. It was this book that prompted me to look for an actual apprenticeship as opposed to learning from an online course and poking holes in my friends. I recommend this book to anybody remotely considering getting any kind of piercing and/or body mod work done. Elayne Angel clearly knows her stuff and we all can benefit from that knowledge $20.00 is an incredibly small price to pay.