No-Pull Piercing Disc

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This is a video review of the No-Pull Piercing Disc, a simple device (a silicone disc) that you add to your jewelry. It is intended to help minimize trauma and discomfort with oral piercings such as lip and tongue. And, from this review, we can see that it is capable of having a huge, positive impact!

You can purchase it here

NEW! As of May, 2016, large-size discs are available--up to 00 gauge!. You can order them here.

No-Pull Piercing Discs No-Pull Piercing Disc in use

After seeing these results, I suggested the innovator of the product do some research about its potential for minimizing scar tissue. As it says in The Piercing Bible section on scar reduction products:

"...ScarEase, ReJuveness, and other silicone sheets, and Biodermis, Kelo-cote, and other silicone gel systems. It isn’t understood exactly how silicone helps scars heal. Some researchers believe that static electricity from the silicone helps align collagen fibers in the scar, while others believe it might help to trap moisture, which can help scars to fade."

I have personally used the disc on some excess scar tissue on the back of an ear cartilage piercing with great results. Preliminary results are great and I think the
No-Pull Piercing Disc, is definitely worth a try!

You can purchase it from them, or here, where a package of 10 is only $7.95.

Before, during, and after one week of using the No-Pull Piercing Disc! Amazing results with diminished scar tissue!

Before, During, and After--No-Pull Disc

More great results with the No-Pull Piercing Disc

More great results with the No-Pull Piercing Disc

More great results with the No-Pull Piercing Disc