Elayne Angel Body Piercing Testimonial

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This client also posted in the Guest Book:

"I just had my VCH done by Elayne at Adornment Deluxe in Berkley, MI. I have to say, the piercing was PAINLESS. A sudden prick, then over. It was done 14 days ago and not once did I feel any pain in the piercing. Elayne was amazing. She helped me relax and was so kind and talkative. She asked me questions about myself (which none of my piercers have ever done) and she signed my Piercing Bible and took a photo with me! So excited that I was able to have this piercing done by Elayne and to have finally met her in person. She is just wonderfull.

My Piercing Bible has helped me greatly to keep track of necessary knowledge to keep myself and my body protected, and safely modified."