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Elayne Angel

Virgil Walden

What is the most common piercing women say turns them on? Also I live close to Huntsville, Alabama about 3 hours from Atlanta. When are you coming to an area close to us?



Hi Elaine,

Two years ago I was going through a tough time and wanted to find something for me that wasn't a tattoo. A visible piercing just wouldn't do in my field so I looked for something private. I found the VCH on your website. I never had much luck with orgasm so I figured a piercing wouldn't hurt. I went to Bob at Insight Studios in Chicago. The studio was a small well lit place in a sketchy neighborhood. Bob was very friendly and answered my questions. He did the piercing. Quick burst of pain and then some lightheadedness and I was set. Bob even gave me a lolly pop and discount since I had come from another state. Well let's just say I'm very satisfied. The piercing changed how I viewed myself and my sexual experiences in many positive ways and I am looking to add a Triangle piercing if my anatomy fits. Just wanted to email and say thank you for the consultation years ago and the awesome referral.


Hi Elayne! I wanted to say Thank You again for my "mini Triangle" and VCH piercings you did for me at Cold Steel SF April 2014. Both piercings healed perfectly, probably because I both listened to my body and followed your aftercare instructions precisely to the letter! I am still figuring out how my body works, thanks to my new enhancements, and am enjoying every moment. At any rate, it was a pleasure finally meeting you in person and the piercing experience itself was nothing short of amazing. I hope my pictures helped others at conference! Hope to see you next trip. Lots of love to you!

Anne Marie

Hi there I just wanted to give credit to one of your referred piercers Jesse Villemaire at Thrive Studios in Cambridge Ontario Canada. I was very body conscious and had a horizontal hood piercing for 16 years that I removed. I always thought it was pierced wrong. When I went to Jesse for VHP he confirmed through scar tissue that it was done incorrectly. He was so vastly knowledgable about everything piercing that I was no longer self conscious. I honestly could have listened to him talk all day!!! It's been 4 months my piercing is beautiful, gorgeous jewelry to boot!!! So worth the hour drive!!! I have recommended him to several people and will continue to see him for all my piercing needs. Thanks again

Barbara Z.

Well.... After my Initial Visit with you in March of this year at Infinite in Philadelphia for my 1st Genital Piercing (VCH) , I just knew I would be seeing you again. I was there (your 1st. client of the day!) yesterday (07/18/2014) yet again! I got my 1st. set of Outer Labia Piercings - and I am already In love with them! Elayne, you are an amazing woman - and an incredible piercer - with the standards of a Physician. You had prepared me so well prior to my first visit back in March, that this session was like meeting up with a friend just to chat! You are truly a dedicated professional and a credit to your profession. I hope you realize what a service you offer women. You don't just Pierce us, you Educate, Inspire & Empower us. I never thought at 50+ I would ever get ONE Genital Piercing, yet I walked out of the shop with two more than I had when I walked in knowing that I did this just for ME! I am in the "Corporate World" and I feel so sexy knowing that no one knows my "Little Secret(s)"!!! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. ps: I am stalking your November calendar for 2-more matching sets! I am already looking forward to the Visit.....


Thanks so much for the referral site! I got my triangle pierced in January by Courtney at St. Sabrina's. Not only was she very professional and competent, but she was so nice too. She didn't recommend sea salt soaks, but her reasoning to me was sound. (I'm a med tech, and I do wet preps, so I know what havoc a messed up pH can do for a person.)

Thanks again :)


I was getting a divorce in 2007 moved to California with my dad. I was thinking of getting a genital piercing but just couldn't find anything that could have helped me with making my decision. The guy I'm with now is helping me get the guts to do it. I just can't believe all the information on this site that is going to help me make my decision.


I mystically came across this website. My gut was telling me that my piercing was a little bit off, not by much but I could tell. I didn't know what to expect when i submitted my question about my piercing. I was so pleasantly surprised at the support that Elayna. She was prompt and she even sent my visuals to confirm that my piercing was a bit off. Now that it has healed, I am looking forward to using her method to getting it in the right place!!!!


I just want to start by saying i have 13 piercings so far, and getting my nipple peirced was my favorite thing to do. it has given me so much confidence and it look so beauitful. Come to waterloo iowa!!! id love to have a master peircing me next;)


Hi there!

Please come to the UK! ;) I'd love for you to come to Manchester, we have a large piercing community here who would probably love to meet you. Haha,appreciate it's a long journey but it would be so awesome to have you pierce my nipples!

Belly Probs!

I've had my upper naval pierced about 7 times now and it had rejected every single time. I got my lower naval pierced and have had absolutely no problems with it in the year I've had it. I recently repierced my upper naval and am worried about it rejecting. Why would the upper reject but not the lower?


Hi Elayne,

Love your body art work and your website. This website is very informative. I would like to get a VCH piercing and would like to know if you can recommend someone in the New York/ Connecticut area.


I got my nipple peirced a day ago but ive realised that one side of the bar is through the areola and my nipple wont errect is this normal


Hello Elayne,

Last year my wife became interested in getting her first genital piercing. Her only other piercings are in her ears, and a retired navel ring. Since she didn't know quite where to start, I helped by diving into the research online. There is so much info out there about this subject, with much of it contradicting itself. It wasn't until I found your website did we feel we had a good grasp on the subject.

As a bonus, we discovered one of your piercer referrals was located right here in Worcester, Mass! Marc Williams at the Piercing Emporium was fantastic. His professional demeanor, skill, and easy going style really put my wife and me at ease. The VCH piercing healed so quickly, and it looks great too. My wife is very pleased, as am I.

Now that she is now contemplating what piercing(s) to add next to her genitals, we know just where to go for the right information and piercer. Thank you very much for the service you've provided.

Sincerely, James


Hi! I got my belly button pierced about a year ago and 3 weeks ago I got a spray tan and I took my belly ring out after the 12 hours of no showering I tries to put it back in and it wouldn't I tried soaking it in salt water but It didn't slide in. So now 3 weeks later I'm wondering if I should get it re pierced or wait for it to fully grow back because the top hole is still open but the bottom seems to be closed or the hole is really little. Thanks!

This isn't the best place for requesting advice, but I would suggest you go to a competent piercer ASAP and see if they can reinsert your jewelry using a tool called an insertion taper. Note that many body piercings are just like this: if you remove the jewelry even for a short time (sometimes just minutes), you may not be able to get it back in! Good luck.


I wanted to say a Huge thanks for all of the great information, it gave me a whole new perspective on female genital piercings. It was very empowering to say the least. I recently had my vch done by one of the Amazing piercer referral's, Jesse Villemaire at Thrive Studios in Cambridge Ontario and he was Great!! He was Very informative and made me feel Super comfortable. It was a very positive experience, I owe a Huge Thank You to Elayne for the abundant resources and spot on referral. I couldn't have asked for a more professional piercer!!


Hello, Missed You A Few Years Back. When Are You Coming To The Southeast Again?

Tahaira Ferrer

Hello Elayne,

It's been a month since I set my appointment with you for my VCH/Triangle at Infinite Body Piercing in Philly. I just want to say thank you... a million thank yous!! Your professionalism and knowledge are truly one of a kind. I'm very glad I did my homework and found you. I am healing well, doing my saline soaks and applying Emu Oil, as well as following all the guidelines in The Piercing Bible. I'll be stalking your calender just in case I'm so inclined for another round. Well wishes!



I had a piercing placement/problem consult with Elayne. She is very professional and yet extremely caring at the same time! I was really worried about the gauge that was used to pierce my nipples, but she really put my mind at ease with her expertise and understanding $10 is definitely worth having piece of mind about my new favorite jewelry!


Love the website! Quite informative for a novice to the piercing world! Thanks for taking the time to share!

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